Christian hoaxes

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Christian hoaxes

Guys gods real this (christian) websites done a story they found noahs arc oh well there goes atheism.

If thats not enough a (christian) websites done a story they proved exodus a single wheel was found in the red sea unfortunately it disappeared on the way to the museum.

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This has been posted before

This has been posted before its supposed to be proof that christians knew stuff before science did. Wrong ofc so its a hoax and belongs here.

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This Dan Eden who wrote the

This Dan Eden who wrote the article doesn't know didly squat about boats or marine construction, not to mention metallurgy
He makes leaps of "Logic" very similar to the bible and makes NO SENSE.
Wasn't all this crap disproved decades ago ?
Why is it coming up again ?
Don't the modern apologists have any imagination ?
How about something new and exciting to tell us all about proof of biblical stories and/or the existence of a god ?
You'll have to do better !.

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Im just posting hoaxes ive

Im just posting hoaxes ive faced in past few days i admit i had heard the wheel one weeks ago and checked thoroughly at the time so was prepared when some fool tried to use it again.
By the way have you heard of the 1500 year old bible found in turky hoax no ones used it on me but i came across it while checking up on sunny skyz man they post some crap.

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I never heard of that one.

I never heard of that one.
Tell it to me.

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Recent reports have revealed

Recent reports have revealed the discovery of a 1500-year-old bible in Turkey. However a new article from the Vatican Insider of "La Stampa" claims that the 1500-year-old bible is a "probable forgery" and "hoax." Shutterstock

Wow it claims jeasus was never crucified. I knew it was a hoax so didnt look into it, i didnt realise till now that the vatican claimed its a hoax. I had thought it was only atheists that said it was a hoax

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Oop so shocked i forgot to

Oop so shocked i forgot to post the link. Im gonna investigate this more.

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It's really interesting that

It's really interesting that this copy allegedly contains the gospel of Barnabas, who, according to some records, was the son of Jesus. Others claim he was a brother.

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Ok a few facts ive found out.

Ok a few facts ive found out.
1 its not 1500 years old the inscription on the first page said it was written in the year 1500 so thats a mistake started by the muslim media.
2 it claimed jeasus was not the son of god but just a prophet thats suspicious as its what the muslims believe but not enough on its own. It also claimed jeasus ascended to heaven alive and judas was the one that was crucified. It also claimed paul was a false apostle.
3 it wasnt written in hebrew or greek the church says this is extremely unlikely. They claim all books were written in greek or hebrew.
4 the inscription called it a book the church claimed at that time it would not have been called that.
5 its written in a language still spoken in a small village and they claim its full of simple grammar errors seems odd.
All in all there does not seem enough data to support authenticity or hoax as yet. Tho the 1500 ad inscription seems really odd.

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The church said all of this?

The church said all of this? That doesn't usually happen whether they are in the right or not. They will usually make arguments to the fact that because it is Christian-based, those errors were chosen by a select few and aren't really errors at all.

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The church wants to deny the

The church wants to deny the book because it says paul was not an apostle jeasus wasnt crucified judas was crucified and most importantly jeasus was not the son of god just a prophet.

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