The Christian Symbol is outdated

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The Christian Symbol is outdated

Nowadays, this sign ✝ is not the proper symbol for the Son of God.
This is: ⃠. The naught.
Hee hee hee hee hee... happy/smiley emoticon here.

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Argh! In the above the colon

Argh! In the above the colon was not supposed to intersect the naught.
(Oh, shit! Did I just reveal some priestly secret?)
Ha ha ha ha ha....

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Priestly secret? Is it

Priestly secret? Is it something that involves little boys and unapologetic cover-ups by the church?

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Cool pic, Pitar. Pitar guitar

Cool pic, Pitar. Pitar guitar.
Much better than the standard profile of the seemingly angry silhouette of the lion's too jaggedy head.

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Well, when you nail it that

Well, when you nail it that way, yes; so then understand that my "Ha ha ha ha ha; ...emoticon..." was toward and solely for the coinage of GodDamocles; whose sword cut through the untie-able knot.

{Is Mangle-ese a language yet?}

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If the knot was so untie-able

If the knot was so untie-able, why did it need to be cut? "wink"

And... Aren't you mixing myths?

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Thanks for the "wink".

Thanks for the "wink".

And, yes, I am mixing myths.

The study of comparative religions leads one's mind into seeing, in them, themes and parallels, to the very point of there being (as if in the basis of our own minds) a synthetical matrix of such; like a priori combobulations, or chthonically mythopoetic syntheses.
The only barrier (from whence the 'mixing') is not so much the myths, as it is the languages the myths are couched within.
But then all the more reason for the study of comparative religion, comparative mythology, etc. The more cross-associations the better.

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Addenda: This cross

Addenda: This cross-association leads to cultural tolerance, for thereby common grounds do come about whereby you say Gumby and I say The Unknown, and we realise that we are talking about the same thing but just using different words for it.

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Excellent point, here. Also

Excellent point, here. Also alludes to reasoning behind a religion's assimilating the aspects of other faiths: Catholics with the "goddess" Mary; Hindus making the Buddha a divine being; hijacking god's birthday as seems to have happened many times on December 25th.

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Exactly. (Your comments seem

Exactly. (Your comments seem to be always concise, on point.) :)

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I've always held a preference

I've always held a preference for what is known as the cross of Lorraine....

it seems to me to most aptly encompass the fruits of faith.......

....... a double cross.

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A very vicious veracity to

A very vicious veracity to vilify the villain of this our vast victimization.

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verily a vichyssoise of

verily a vichyssoise of verbose verbiage ...

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I feel a bit ambivalent about

I feel a bit ambivalent about this.
The Crucifix, the cross with Jesus and all it's details, the crown of thorns, nails through the hands and feet, the open wound in his side and blood poring down all over him, seems like a fitting symbol for a religion built on genocide, slavery and baby killings.

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To The Pragmatic--

To The Pragmatic--
Yes, ambivalence (or ambi-valency: going around whatever circle in opposite directions at the same time) is common to religious symbolism.

I was speaking mainly, not of the literalist interpretation of the New Testament, but of the metaphorical understanding (not of the carnal message, but of the mental message): to wit Christ is taken out of the way for being a barrier between man and God. And hence the appropriateness of the ⃠ sign. (Hell [a figure of speech], If you superimposed the cross and the naught sign, I guess you could call it the crossnaught, or maybe even the doublenaught.)

To me, at least, it doesn't matter if the Christ was killed on a cross (though this sign is perhaps the richest in cross-associational symbolism [--buh-dump-buh!]), or drawn and quartered, or iron maidened, or hit by a bus.
What matters is the fact that he is taken out of the way SO THAT we may experience the mind of God without some median unto whom, as Christianity teaches, we owe the favor.

Again, to me, "Christ crucified" is God's (or the Universal Mind's) way of saying,
"No, the messiah is not King of the Jews, nor is he a king at all, but is he who stands in the gap between man and God, and that one, the messiah, is therefore negated SO THAT there is no longer a gap."

If you think of the supposedly future Christ, as Christianity teaches, "To whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess"--this is not the disposition of a King of kings, but simply the arrogance of yet another king.
Yet, so as not to leave out the mystics, I must also add that the statement "To whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess", if, and only if, it is meant to refer to Love, then it makes sense. And is not God Love?
Yes, God is Love--, but only when the slave-mongering Son is taken out of the way, negated, rendered as ⃠ in order to a-suture the gap between God and man, which is his sole purpose.

I hope that makes sense. Or ⃠. hee hee hee hee...

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Let me just add that God is

Let me just add that God is He upon whose head all crowns shatter.

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I haven't seen Raptor-Jesus

I haven't seen Raptor-Jesus before. That was cool.

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What!?? Raptor Jesus is our

What!?? Raptor Jesus is our saviour!
I especially like this one:
Son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, our lord and saviour!

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