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Christian's do it all the time

Today I go to a call from my upset father telling me that one of his coaches/pastors he mentored and loves has turn himself in as a sex offender. He molested his 13 year old girl relative on 14 accounts, and he's in his 40's.
Each Christian is shocked and broke not as they have heard the news. How could this be?
Sadly, I'm not shocked. I saw so much of this in the church that this seems normal. They've adopted 6 kids from foreign countries. Ministered to so many teens. Why are Christians shocked when this news comes out ? Family is turning to god, Or heads in sand. Grow the fuck up christians you are not who you say you are.

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@JamieB: "has turn himself in

@JamieB: "has turn himself in as a sex offender"

At least he had the guts to do that and spare the poor child from giving evidence in court. A lot of priestly pedophiles deny their crimes, and their churches drag out the judicial process, presumably in the hope that their victims will commit suicide.

Churches are ideal for pedophiles. These scum can get close to children and gain authority over them, all the while being trusted by their parents as "men of god."

Crimes against children are the most despicable crimes of all.

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Your sweet to give him points for turning himself in. Actually his wife caught him and it's been going on since the girl was 12. Who knows how long he would've continued to hurt this girl. I give him no credit. Lying bastard.

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@JamieB "Actually his wife

@JamieB "Actually his wife caught him"

OIC. That's different. The scum is beyond redemption. I hope he's tortured by guilt and fear of hellfire. I feel sorry for his wife, though.

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Yes. I feel sorry for her and

Yes. I feel sorry for her and their kids. His older daughter is getting married next week:(

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In most cases wives are

In most cases wives are enablers. They try just to ignore it putting their life status or situation above any crimes by their husbands. I find them complicit.

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That is what discusted me

That is what discusted me most. When a kid tells mom and she does nothing. Shame.

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Sadly the girl was a victim

Sadly the girl was a victim of a creepy man. I hope he gets rape in prison by dozens of people.

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Same song different verse: I

Same song different verse: I attended a church of Christ sponsored school growing up. The chorus teacher impregnated a young teen girl. He disappeared shortly there after. By the way, they also had a Church of Christ orphanage which is probably where the kid was placed if the families did not want to live with the shame

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Two highly religious teachers

Two highly religious teachers from high schools I attended in England and New Zealand were taken away in police cars for similar offenses, though one preferred young boys and the other young girls. They were both supposedly secular state schools, but these perverts were allowed to indoctrinate and molest children.

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The guy probably read the

The guy probably read the Babylonian Talmud and thought it was OK. What he did would have been perfectly normal and acceptable in 19th Century America.

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It kindof still is...

It kindof still is...
The Catholic Church, the worst of the bunch continuously try to lobby against laws that would convict their preists and would force the church to pay for compensation. Why anybody would be listening to them is a complete mystery to me. Even so, they have been closing in on the 4 billion payout mark since the fifties, and that's only in the United States...

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@Pragmatic: "they have been

@Pragmatic: "they have been closing in on the 4 billion payout mark"

Well look who's in charge of the Vatican's finances.

Cardinal Pell is notorious for failing to deal effectively with child molestation by Catholic clergy in Australia. Now he's Cardinal-Prefect of the Vatican's Secretariat for the Economy. He's also personally the subject of an investigation by the Melbourne police for alleged child molestation. I wonder what will happen to the Vatican's privileged diplomatic status when it refuses to extradite a suspect in crimes against children. And I wonder how Pell feels producing budgets that include billions spent to defend child molesters and compensate victims.

It's about time this little joke "country" was recognized for what it really is -- the global HQ of the biggest organized crime and sex abuse ring in the history of the world.

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