Christine Flowers & adolescent ads as scientific reference on gender

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Christine Flowers & adolescent ads as scientific reference on gender

I just read Christine Flowers (esq.?) "Trump calls for common sense on gender"

I think my local paper got bought out by Mad Magazine - I just asked on their websites.

'Attorney" (?) Flowers was using the ads on TeenNick as a 'scientific' reference for gender studies. My reply.

Ms. Flowers:

You as an attorney are quoting the ad agencies as the premier ‘scientific’ reference on anatomy? Did I pick up my local paper or a copy of Mad magazine? It is obvious that you have never taken a course in biology.

My cousin asked one of her first patients why he was in the hospital. He said “To have my penis removed.” Once she was able to move her jaw, she asked him to clarify. She found out that he was a she. He had always been a she. The ‘doctor’ attending his birth had done only a cursory check and marked down boy. Inside, she had all the female organs.

This was in the 1950’s. My cousin was trained at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska, a Jesuit University. His/her doctor had asked her what she wanted to do about the situation. She left work on Friday as a man, checked into the hospital, and went back to work on Monday as a woman. Amazing courage and practicability in the 1950’s Midwest.

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Donald Trump calling for

Donald Trump calling for common sense on anything is pretty ironic. You can bet that when he used phrases like common sense he is identifying that phrase as mirroring his own point of view.

He, she, or zhe, who cares...just let people alone, they're harming no one, and if they're suffering and that can be reduced or removed then great, why not try to reduce suffering. That seems as a good a basis for morality as anything to me.

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Never ceases to amaze me how

Never ceases to amaze me how certain people make such a big deal out of a transgender person wanting to be called the gender they identify with. And perhaps do some cosmetic surgery to have a body they identify with.

To me it should be non issue, not something people get all upset over. If someone feels like they identify as male or female, that should be fine regardless what their biological status was at birth. As non issue as how often people decide to get a haircut. What would follow naturally is that transgender people would not feel so threatened and be able to freely live happy and productive lives.

As it stands now, it is like giving some of the very worst traits of humans and the most fearful, distrustful xenophobic people the ability to continue to terrorize a certain small group of people for no reason other then their own inadequacies and false fears likely fueled by the trip some religious groups put out about "as god intended."

Don't even get me started on the North Carolina bathroom nonsense I am still angry about that insanity. (And it is still an issue there, just some work was done compromise to take it off the national headlines when responsible companies began to boycott N.C.



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