Michael Nugent: Atheism does not require faith

Takes More Faith to be Atheist

Atheism does not require faith. Faith is belief that is disproportionate to the best currentlY available evidence. Atheism is proportionate to the evidence. There is no reasonable evidence that gods exist, and a lot of evidence that humans invented the idea.

- Michael Nugent

Quote Source: Michael Nugent

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For sure, Micheal Nugent hits

For sure, Micheal Nugent hits it out of the park!

I think the idea of faith was invented to help make the case that people should not question gods.

Faith entirely different than trust to me this whole idea that we must stay true to one another seems derived to me by the idea of unwavering faith some people have to their gods despite all evidence that gods are nothing more than made up ideas often entirely different from one theist to another, but somehow for some reason these people must remain faithful to it despite any reasonable evidence to prove such gods even exist is absurd.

Would it not be easy to take advantage of someone if they had unwavering faith in your ideas? Would it also not be easier for you to maintain their trust in your idea if they disassociated the idea from yourself and instead created, some entity that could not be proven to have ever done them wrong and let them create their own version of this perfect entity they could love as they wanted it to be as they dreamed it to be, in their own version of what a perfect version of this entity would be, just in case you ever fumbled and did wrong, this way you could regain their trust in your intent by proclaiming to have fallen from faith to this entity apologizing profusely and claiming to be a better person. who would give everything to this dream of theirs?

Would you love someone who told you to trust them to have your interest at heart but gave you more reason to suspect they they did not than they did? Faith and trust are not the same faith is given trust is earned.

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