Cindy Crawford vs. Ken Hovind

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Cindy Crawford vs. Ken Hovind

Cindy Crawford vs Ken Hovind-- Everyone agrees Ken Hovind and his son Eric are the atomic bomb of dumbness. Really really really dumb. I know what I am about to say will sound ridiculous. Ken Hovind groomed his son Eric to be the idiot he is. Eric inherited Kens stupidity. Cindy Crawford has a daughter Kaia who will "join" Cindy in the modeling business. Like mother like daughter. Everyone agrees Ken and Eric Hovind are worthy of extreme ridicule. Cindy Crawford is not a nice person even though I don't know her. I just don't like her / To me it is phony, superficial, harmful, pretentious, bad, not good, destructive, I don't like it. I don't like it a lot. Cindy's daughter Kaia is following her mother into the modeling business. Eric Hovind inherited his dumbness from his father and that was very bad. Kaia is becoming a superficial, pretentious model like her mother Cindy. Kiaja is becoming a clone of her mother.The analogy of Ken Hovind and Eric Hovind to Cindy Crawford and Kiaja is the same. I don't expect anyone to agree with me as The Hovind(dumbasses) are ripe for ridicule but Cindy Crawfod and modeling is not objectionably to anybody accept me. To be fair to Cindy -she is far less objectionable than Ted Cruz, Bill Oreilly, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin..........................................................................................................

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