"Cops: Mom crashed car to prove to kids God is real"

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"Cops: Mom crashed car to prove to kids God is real"

You can’t make this stuff up. Theists please explain.

(Story from Atlanta Journal Constitution)


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Errr-uhhh.... Well..... ummm.

Errr-uhhh.... Well..... ummm.... erk.... *eye twitch*..... ack..... *corner of mouth twitching*..... Wha-..... ???..... So maybe..... uhhhh...... *eye twitch increasing*..... Aw, fuck it. I've got nothin'.

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Police said Warren told her

Police said Warren told her children to buckle up their seat belts before she rammed into the pole

Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?

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She only proved that the pole

She only proved that the pole was real! Oh, and that she is a fucking unfit mother.

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I think she also proved what

I think she also proved what Breezy has been trying to deny. That religious fundamentalism is quite demonstrably pernicious.

Voltaire called this one a long time ago to be fair.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities."

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A side note. I never

A side note. I never understand when authorities take away children from an unfit mother, they give those children to people that created that unfit mother! Makes no fucking sense!

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I believe in seat belts.

I believe in seat belts.

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@Grinseed: I believe in seat

@Grinseed: I believe in seat belts

I believe in poles, too. I once saw a car drive straight into one at about 20 mph. That seems slow, but the people in the car were hurt pretty bad. I was right behind the guy in a line of traffic that had just started up after the light turned green. He suddenly started to weave and then wham. It was an old car with lap belts, which are probably worse than no belts.

But even they are better than the hand grenade air bags made by Takada.

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The dummy should have walked

The dummy should have walked on water.

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By this we can know that,

By this we can know that,
That mom isnt any real mom,
A villan in her children's life!

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that's not surprising theists

that's not surprising theists are nonsense ignorants

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Put your life in the hands of

Put your life in the hands of the LORD!!! Praise God! Amen! and Hallelujah. What's really sad here is that the STATE, the same state that prays before all official meetings, is not half the Christian that the mother is. The State, the Courts, Child Protective Services and the entire US Government that was founded as a Christian Nation should praise this mother for providing us atheists with absolute proof that God is real.

IT'S A MIRACLE. The woman prays and trusts her life to God and even though she rams into a telephone pole NO ONE IS KILLED. God has a plan for everyone. When will us atheists wake up and see the evidence that is before us.

Now if Christians all over the country would begin repeating this experiment with the same results, I just might start believing. After all, one time just might possibly be pure luck.

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As she was heading towards

As she was heading towards the pole, the mom/driver could have prayed to St. Carrie and said, "Jesus, take the wheel."


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More people have been hurt in

More people have been hurt in the name of religion than in the name of atheism

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Well, at least she was logically consistent! Too bad she wasn't playing with a full deck. Just be thankful that the kids didn't wind up in the oven where the devil would be baked out of them.

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@Greensnake Re: Oven

@Greensnake Re: Oven

Ah. You read about that story too? I believe that was also in the Atlanta area. I actually wrote a "brief" paper about that. Wonder if I should post it? Hmmm....

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I can imagine the kids would

I can imagine the kids would be like, "there cannot be a god, we have a parent who would happily put their kids in danger".

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poor kids...

poor kids...

i bet one of the kids say this before the crash..

MOM: buckle-up kids....woooohhhh....
KID: oh..nohh....mom's got jesus crackers again...

this is the "insane" level when you got the symptoms of true blue theist..
really not a joke matter...

then they'll say oh jesus saved the kids...
its a miracle....amen the kids are saved..

all bullshit...

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Before anyone quotes

Before anyone quotes Deuteronomy 6:16-18 remember people "did" that quite often in the bible and still received a positive response. Don't be that theist.

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uhh... mmm... WTF? All I

uhh... mmm... WTF? All I have is this is more proof of how religion can either cause mental disorders, or create thinking that imitates them.


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imagine if the government is

imagine if the government is not separated with the church???

they'll let this kind of things happen...it'll be the norm if you try to think of it..

and they'll tolerate the parents for doing so..

the fuck...sedate the parents please...please...

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