Coronavirus, death, and religions

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Coronavirus, death, and religions

Religions have been responsible for spreading COVID-19 by cramming congregations into their churches, mosques, etc., in the middle of a pandemic. But they're also creating risks through their obsession with corpses.

For the sake of public health, all bodies of people who die of infectious diseases should be cremated immediately. But followers of Judaism and Islam see cremation as an absolute taboo.

Is there no limit to the irresponsibility of these cultists?

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What type of mind gymnastics

What type of mind gymnastics does one have to do to get to the “body” is sacred?

As a JW, we could cremate ... couldn’t eat hot dogs.

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@White: Living in Korea, I

@White: Living in Korea, I have eaten dog several times. Hot dog in soups or just dog mean from little dogie bones served on a plate. I don't think any animal is safe here in Korea. Cat soup is very good for arthritis, so they say. (Parasympathetic magic is strong in traditional Korean beliefs.) Cats are limber and quick so if you eat them, you too can be limber and quick. Dogs fuck like rabbits so if you eat them it is good for your stamina. (I kid you not!! Actually true!)

South Koreans eat more than 1 million dogs each year — but that's slowly changing. Here's why. (This is mostly older people in cities today or people living in rural areas. I live in a very modern city and there are no dog meat restaurants in my city. We also have no open markets where Ko-yangee tang is made (Cat soup.) The tradition is dying out but just go outside the city boarders or into one of the smaller towns and these traditions abound.

WARNING: Watch the video but do not scroll to the bottom of the page. Graphic pics the quality of which only an animal activist group could capture. If you thought the video was bad - SERIOUSLY - GO NO FURTHER!

The process of making these dishes is horrific. For dogs, they string them up by their hind legs and then beat them to death with a broomstick. It makes the meat soft. Go into a neighborhood where the dogs are being prepped and all you hear are the yelps for hours.

Here is the cat soup process.... (second link)

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"As a JW, we could cremate ... couldn’t eat hot dogs."

Really? For reasons of faith I gather? What's the basis? Blood I can kinda understand .The no transfusion rule is exactly what one would expect from a person who is ignorant and not very bright. Seems to fit the bible student movement of the 1870's. Don't really know much about Charles Taze.

I stopped eating hot dogs and 'fritz' (baloney) when I found out what's in them. Same goes for seafood extender, the mark of a truly inferior hotel buffet.

Catholics were finally officially allowed to be cremated many years ago.

ME? I want to be scattered over parliament house from a small plane flying very low, while parliament is sitting .Don't want to be cremated though.

In truth, I'm indifferent about what they do with dead Cranky. Just the cheapest and least distressing for the mourner.

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Yup...the blood issue. The

Yup...the blood issue. The “by products” may contain blood so we didn’t eat anything with it.

I want to be cremated

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"The “by products” may contain blood so we didn’t eat anything with it."

Ah, Now that makes a kind of sense. It's a wonder they didn't follow kosher dietary laws, which are base on the same logic. Non kosher meat contains some blood. Kosher meat is killed differently, and tastes different. . That obviously did not occur .

Is vegetarianism a thing with JW's? I ask because of the blood phobia and because it is With Seventh Say Adventist, although not doctrine.

Dietary laws are often part of millenarian movements/religions. It's part of their 'otherness' and helps with their feeling of being 'special' This may be partly in response to the societal rejection such sects often experience.***

***My Reference: " New Heaven, New Earth—A Study of Millenarian Activities". By KENELM BURRIDGE

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Meat was OK (meat juice silly

Meat was OK (meat juice silly, not blood ;)

They didn’t encourage vegetarianism although they strongly suggested we’d only eat fruit and veggies in the “new system”.

So we were allowed to fill up on animal carcasses

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Faith based beliefs are

Faith based beliefs are highly resistant to fact based science, the results are often catastrophic.

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"Faith based beliefs are highly resistant to fact based science----"

Going by the apologists we get here, I'd say many are downright impervious.--I'm thinking of the likes of Ray Comfort and the criminally idiotic behaviour of some religious dropkicks towards the Corona Virus.

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This is a classic example on

This is a classic example on where fact-base science is ignored by woo woo practitioners.

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"Oh lord, please help the people that are dying."

This is the mentality of the believers.
Such ignorance, only perpetuates this pathogens mortality rate...too ignorant to rationalize their actions are killing others.
Another horrible trajectory of their religious based delusion, negatively effecting, just what we need.

Fucking arrogant asshole morons.

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@doG ….

@doG ….

"This is the mentality of the believers."

That's not quite the full picture though is it …… there is the other side also…..

This side...…
"Church criticised over Covid-19 'plague protection kits' on sale for £91"


I'll admit that many theists do good works in hard times but then there are the others and they just can't help themselves....

The link is worth a read , it will get your blood pressure up if nothing else …… also check out the comment at the bottom.... I think I might steal that one

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...and why is he not in jail?

What a piece of shit. Taking advantage of people with delusional beliefs, during a worldwide pandemic of a deadly you have any tar and feathers?

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@Watchman: check out the

@Watchman: check out the comment at the bottom

"If your pastor has a suit that cost more than your education then chances are he's a fraud."

That's brilliant. We should have an "If your pastor has..." competition.

If your pastor has a dog kennel that's bigger than your house..."

If your pastor has a Jacuzzi in his jet....

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@ The Thread

@ The Thread
Having so much free coronavirus time and little else to do I began exploring "Bishop" Climate's Ministry and you wont be surprised to learn I found the following:

"Right now I have 15 POWERFUL PRAYER POINTS for you to pray to break every curse of stolen opportunities over your life. All you need to do is submit your prayer agreement form below and I will send them to you automatically.

"But also I feel so strong that you must sow a seed according to Joel 2:25 of £25 “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.”

His holy oil coronavirus cure pack isn't the only thing he should be investigated for. Shysters, liars and frauds...lower than drug dealers who at least have an actual product to sell.

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I had some free time, so I

I had some free time, so I watched some video's of christian pastors who claimed to be able to prophesy. I watched about 5 you tube video's from different 'christian pastors', including benny hinn, which were made from the 09th of January to about the 7th of February 2020. All of them seem to have a large amount of followers who cling to their every word.

All the video's were their so called prophecies for 2020. Surprise, surprise, even though the corona virus was already in the news at this time, though not yet in a big way, not one of them predicted a world wide pandemic! The corona virus never got a mention AT ALL by ANY of them. It was a total non-event!

Of course when you point this inconvenient truth out in the comments, all sorts of excuses are given by their followers. None are prepared to admit the obvious, that these so-called prophets are nothing more than con men taking advantage of the gullible.

I did also watch a TEDX video by Bill Gates made in 2015, where he talked about a future pandemic, & the worlds lack of preparedness for it. Unlike the so called prophets, Bill Gates was remarkably accurate.

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...difference between

...difference between “predictably and prophecy”...

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Predictability...a measurement. Prophecy...woo woo stupidity, for the stupid.

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