Creation in the 21st century

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Creation in the 21st century

Anyone heard of this? Its a faithumentary 'Join Carl Baugh as he teaches on creation evidence against evolution'
Thats from the description.
Wth im so sick and tired of this rubbish.
Believe what you want thats your right but to abuse your position to spread lies and propaganda is wrong (i believe its one of Christianity's ten commandments so supposedly important not to do that) creationism is barely a hypothesis they provided no evidence made no observations or predictions and attempted to get a peer review by setting up a 'Scientific Journal' staffed only by creationists!!!
Its been so thoroughly discredited that real scientists tell jokes about it. Creationists are the new 'Blonde joke'.
Joking aside this is dangerously misleading any children or students at college etc believing creationism will not go far especially in such subjects like biology.
Did you know creationists got tax break when building a 'creationist museum'!!!
If your american you helped pay for a museum dedicated to a joke.

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Like religions didnt get

Like religions didnt get enough tax breaks.

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There trying to get evolution

There trying to get evolution, a proven theory backed by mountains of data, can make predictions, can be observed and passed a real unbiased peer review banned and teach instead creationism which is barely a hypothesis, has no evidence no observations no predictions and faked a peer review.
I cannot allow that to happen.

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