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What do you think about creationism?

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It was bronze age man's

It was bronze age man's attempt to explain his world.

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It was a good attempt to

It was a good attempt to explain our existence, emphasis on "was". However with our ever growing knowledge of the universe and the rock that we live in, creationism and it's many stories, are outdated and no longer needed.

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Agreed, but why do you think

Agreed, but why do you think it's still around?

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Because if you take a kid,

Because if you take a kid, and teach him during his 'critical years' of youth a bundle of lies, in the face of evidence, how can he know better? It's a concept called cognitive dissonance. When he grows up, he'll be presented with a world that's different to the one he's taught. So he has one of two choices. He either rethinks his entire belief system (hard, road rarely taken) or he tries to shape the world into his viewpoint.

So this explains why Creationists feel their system should be taught in science (rather than just say, religious education where it belongs) because they cannot just say 'Oh, I was wrong' because that's an awful hard thing for many, many people. It's why I as a whole do not agree with teaching children about religion until they're at least mid-teens, after they've been taught how to deal with facts and ideas in a 'neutral' yet expansive manner. Then they can make up their own minds, and there will be no cognitive dissonance nor anger as they are much happier, balanced people. My two cents (pence).

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Because people still think

Because people still think there is a magical being that created this earth and universe in 6 days, and that the earth is at maximum 10,000 years old. There is a group called the "Flat Earth Society", as well as Young Earth Creationists like Ken Ham which funded a creationist museum that teaches children that man once walked with dinosaurs.

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Cannot stand it. They are an

Cannot stand it. They are an insult to millions of years of evolution.

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It's total nonsense. Stupid

It's total nonsense. Stupid-absurd. Why it's still around? Because it means...they make it : evolution=no god. So,there's no way evolution could be true,since god is absolute certainty. And when people find out what reality is, they begin to doubt what else is not true. Evolution shakes people's faith, makes them research deeper -end up loosing faith and for many it's the main reason for becoming atheists.

So they blame evolution.(rightfully so) They should embrace theistic evolution, before sending their child to college, if they want to keep up the numbers.

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I went to a Baptist School

I went to a Baptist School (Really what they taught was creationism) and i can asure you its exactly what Zarathustra discribed. They took the oppertunity and tried to teach us that God is the answer to all problems and Science was obsolet I can honesty say that i am the only survior of my 6-7th grade class that wasnt subbdued by the lies these nutcases preach. But i thank them for making me an atheist.

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Reason why it is still around

Reason why it is still around is that We're making it around as long as we talk and discuss about it. As long as we teach it to our children or debate it in their presence. Forget about it and We're killing it gradually.

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The reason its still around

The reason its still around is because no one has any actual solid explanation for anything related to how the universe came to be. Simple as that.

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Creationism is still around

Creationism is still around because religion is still around. There are many who believe in a supernatural being and that He created us.

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It's still around because of

It's still around because of the fact that the human body is too perfect to be just a coincidence. From a single cell to every organ to the human brain and to the amazing DNA strands perfection was there. Evolution is part of creationism and there must had been someone unexplainable who planned everything in the universe and used evolution so the human brain can still somehow find explanation with everything that we see and at least prevent to much confusion.

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Lol, I call self

Lol, I call self-aggrandizement. Since when was the human body perfect? We are weak, we bleed, we die... our fundamental program is flawed and we suffer glitches such as cancer.

There are many much more perfect coincidences out there. On other planets, it is raining diamonds. Here, we have hellish pits where people die trying to find them.

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Sammy has the right idea! If

Sammy has the right idea! If we are made in the image of something greater than why are we not great? And I like the idea of a diamond rain storm. :)

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Hopefully not too powerful of

Hopefully not too powerful of a storm though! They'd probably run right through us like bullets...

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