Creationist Drops Grand Canyon Lawsuit

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Creationist Drops Grand Canyon Lawsuit

Last month, Creationist geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling filed a lawsuit against Grand Canyon National Park after he was “denied a permit to remove rock samples from the Grand Canyon… due to his religious beliefs.

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I nominate "Creationist

I nominate "Creationist geologist" for oxymoron of the year.

But I wonder why the national park authority even bothered to deny permission. What difference would it have made to allow this whacko to collect a few more rocks to add to the collection in his head? Or does granting a permit somehow endorse the validity of the research?

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Algebe, I'm guessing that it

Algebe, I'm guessing that it adds to the validity of the research. He got a valid permit to do research from the grand canyon park.


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I don't know the details; but

I don't know the details; but here in Nevada you need special permission to remove (or even touch) most fossils.

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