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The debate room guidelines

For those that saw it, there was a small glitch and a post showed up here that was meant for a different debate area in AR. The guidelines and rules of this debate room have not changed.

My apologizes if it confused or inconvenienced you.

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Ok, great :) I know we're

Ok, great :) I know we're having a little troll infestation here (oh, the trials of achieving high SEO rank...), but I really like that AR is free of censorship for the most part :)

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To add to what Ellie

To add to what Ellie mentioned above, those new guidelines are for the Debate A Blogger forum which is a new addition to the AR forums. That forum will be a structured one on one debate forum where users, both atheist and theist can challenge a writer to a formal moderated debate. There will be separate discussion threads where users can discuss the content of those debates.

I am one of the bloggers here and my forum is the first that will be up and running. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to challenge a writer to formal debate, just send them over.

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The Debate a Blogger sounds

The Debate a Blogger sounds pretty awesome - Good luck Casper!

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Hot d@mn folks, the gauntlet

Hot d@mn folks, the gauntlet has been thrown! Go for it.

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