The delusion triangle

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The delusion triangle

Youve all heard of the fire triangle without one element you cannot have a fire.
Well heres the delusion triangle: Indoctrination/closed mind/silence.

Indoctrination first, religious families (no doubt for what they consider good intentions) force feed young supple minds religion, the church and religious schools reinforce this brainwashing. Without this a mind can grow and consider all the options. And likely not turn to religion.

Closed mind, this should be fairly obvious so ill be brief. Without the ability to look at the options there are none. An open mind will most likely not turn to religion.

Silence is less obvious, by this i mean silence from people that have other views. While removing this is less likely to turn someone from religion not removing it will almost guarantee that they do not turn from religion.

I hope ive been able to bring my point across im not as eloquent as many ive seen posting here.

Im also open to changing the idea (unlike a theist he he) if you have any better suggestions.

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I read the title and thought

I read the title and thought you were referring to the holy trinity!

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No im trying to find the 3 main reasons for belief in a religion.

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Those 3 reasons are quite

Those 3 reasons are quite true, religious people tend to stay on their religions for those reasons even if they don't admit it. I must admit that it's due to indoctrination that I stayed long on the Roman Catholic religion even though I'm not really in favor with all their teachings.

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This trinity is a very

This trinity is a very elegant desription of how religion perpetuates, but I'm still curious how it propogates

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Perhaps by promises offered

Perhaps by promises offered by the religious.

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