Developed and developing nations. Does 'religion' make the difference.

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Developed and developing nations. Does 'religion' make the difference.

world,obviously is divided into developed and developing nations (however under-developed nations does-not exist according to the UNO ruling). I am really confused where some people of course from all the religions claim themselves to develop the world on religious basis. In this case all the religions in this contemporary world exists in all the countries of which some are developed and most of them are not. what is the meaning of development that we are referring to. Does religion really make the difference in this context of development.

If yes, then why the hell are most of the countries in the world are under developed.What is the role of religion in such nations. Is it just meant to create bias and unequal society in the name of belief? Then in those nations is it really possible to reach the 'developed phase' without eradication of religion and its impact.

If no, what is the major role of religion which is not even influential in creating a developed world? every religion preaches the same thing equality in sense and behavior, freedom and respect to other religions as thy. Then what is the answer for Hindu-Muslim conflicts, christian-Muslim acquaintance which is today playing a major role in the politics of Big Brother of the world?

Developed and developing nations.Does religion make the difference????????????????

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Well if you notice, the most

Well if you notice, the most advanced countries are not very religious at all. The religious factor is always something that stops progress instead of promoting it.

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I was about to point out the

I was about to point out the same thing. Most of the tier 1 nations have governments that are at least trying to be independent of religion, whereas we hear about religious based wars going on constantly in these developing nations.

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What can I say? My country

What can I say? My country belongs to the third-world county yet we are one of the most religious countries in this planet.

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I would say religion in many

I would say religion in many ways can hinder progress but progress should not always go unchecked and religion can also serve as a good checkpoint. However I do believe countries that support religious freedom and have good educational systems tend to be the most safely progressive.

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I agree, religion will either

I agree, religion will either slow down progress or cause it to come to a halt in a hurry. Most of the overly developed nations have lost their strong religious beliefs and almost cast out those who are overly religious.

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I think the most extreme case

I think the most extreme case of this is England. Think of England under Roman rule... they had bath houses, a decent medical system and a good agricultural system. Egyptians were stationed there, and these people understood that the Earth was round, and could even tell you it's rough circumference. The Roman Empire fell, Christianity took over, and with it came the Dark Ages, where people forgot everything they had previously known, including how and why to bathe.

It took almost a full millenia to get them back up to speed.

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Such case makes me wonder how

Such case makes me wonder how religion can hinder the development of a country when religions supposed to help people in terms of morality and faith. That includes the providence of the almighty.

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I think that religion in

I think that religion in developing countries is used as a tool to keep the people in line and keep them from being unsure, scared and stressed by the changes that are happening around them every day.

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Maybe religion is one of the

Maybe religion is one of the factors that pulls down the economic success a country. In what way? Aside from corrupt politicians, there are also lots of corrupt church officials out there who takes away money of the people into their own organizations.

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There are countries that have

There are countries that have the separation of Church/Religions and the state. But still on those countries, it will be very hard to pass bills that are contradicting to the beliefs of the majority of the people which is I think is just rational, since that bill will be directly affecting the people of the certain state.
Vatican city is a religious city and a developed place. There are also some religious countries that are still developing or third world. So, I think that it depends on various factors not just religion.

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