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Dishonesty of reedemption's posts


Let me ask you a question about logic. Why do you keep completely ignoring the fact you are repeatedly using known logical fallacies in your polemic for a deity?

Even if you didn't know what they were before, you must know by know as they've been pointed out and explained to you again and again, yet you just roll right passed repeating the same fallacies.

Do you not see that any debate is over in the face if such duplicity?

Incidentally can you link any peer reviewed work in genetics published in a worthy scientific journal, that agrees with your unevidenced assumption that it requires a supernatural cause?

We could also point to your dishonest misrepresentation of atheism, and agnosticism, which long ago could no longer be assigned to ignorance or willful stupidity, as this has also been explained with references to the Oxford English dictionary.

You needn't answer of course, as we already know your claim for scientific support is as ludicrous a lie as your dishonest claim for sound logical argument. Or your asinine claims that lie about the meaning of atheism and agnosticism.

If you can't muster any integrity, then what do you hope to gain on here? You surely can't believe anyone here will be fooled by such obvious dishonesty.

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@Sheldon: I don't know how

@Sheldon: I don't know how anyone could be more polite and understated while still illustrating the core of the problem. Massive violations of Rule 5 and as he is not engaged in honest debate and keeps posting the same crap over and over and over, Rule 1 as well.

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He's not coming back is he?

He's not coming back is he? Something I said?

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@Sheldon: I certainly hope

@Sheldon: I certainly hope so. Now can you get to work on Agnostic Costic, Atheistsisterr, and the rest.... ?

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I'm pretty sure Atheistserr

I'm pretty sure Atheistserr is a troll.

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I am convinced there are a

I am convinced there are a few members here of "In Spirits" apologetic's class. They get an 'A' in the class if they can use the most fallacies. There is just a ton of BS on the site lately and notice that no one is debating. Just one inane fallacious statement after another.

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Wow I get an A? What's the prize?

I thought my silence was being appreciated.
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" quote

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@In Spirit Re: Movie quote

@In Spirit Re: Movie quote

Jack Reacher, "Never Go Back"?

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I agree. A lot of fellacio

I agree. A lot of fellacio going on in the forum. Not a lot of intelligent discussion.

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@Ratty Re: "A lot of

@Ratty Re: "A lot of fellacio going on in the forum. Not a lot of intelligent discussion."

And the problem of that isssss.......?

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Do you perhaps mean 'fellatio


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So as if to validate the

So as if to validate the opinion expressed in the OP, reedemption does return to the site, continues to post the same mendacious rhetoric, and fails to address this thread at all.

Quelled surprise....

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