Do atheists are in favor of sorcery and magic?

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How could one not like the

How could one not like the truth. As always a hard sell, particularly without the writing skills. However when the penny drops...

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Sorcery and magic are so much

Sorcery and magic are so much fun to make believe with. But that's all they are. They belong in fantasy land, just as religion does. It's my opinion that it's okay to spend a few hours in the fantasy land of magic and sorcery while reading a book or watching a movie, as long as you remember you are in fantasy land. The problem with religious folks is that they don't understand they are living in fantasy land. So sad for them.

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True. I can just imagine if

True. I can just imagine if someone an ice age from now picks up one of our modern day best sellers and uses it as a comprehensive, absolutely factual recording of what they assume our times were like, sort of how we've done with the Torah and Bible.

Imagine if they did that with the Harry Potter series...


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