Do you believe in Moses story?

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Do you believe in Moses story?

Do you believe in this story, the plaque, division of the sea, Moses the prophet of Yahweh? Are these story really historical?

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Haha, I would say "yes" cuz I

Haha, I would say "yes" cuz I'm a Christian... but I have a feeling others won't ;) Haha

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As usual, no historical basis

As usual, no historical basis.

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There was an exodus of

There was an exodus of peoples from Egypt toward what we think of as the Jewish promised land, some of whome became the jews of today. But it took place over generations, not in one fell swoop as the fable would have one think, and they weren't a cohesive self-identified people. The character of Moses... eh, doubtful. Maybe there was some folklore once with a kernel of fact-basis. Does it even matter?

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"Are these story really

"Are these story really historical?"

Short answer.....NO.

Long answer......No Because........

Summary of conclusion ....

" the Exodus case remains unproved, and we can
continue to dissect the biblical account to demonstrate that it is part of epic myth in essence little
different than the epics of other cultures, such as that of Gilgamesh, the Iliad, Odyssey,
Mahabharata, Ramayana, Eddas or, in modern times, Lord of the Rings."

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No. The archeological record

No. The archeological record explains it well enough as watchman notes.

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No, I don't believe the story

No, I don't believe the story of Moses any more than I do Muhammad or Mithra.

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Well i have studied well the

Well i have studied well the exodus story and it is clear that there are lies and exaggerations in it.
That does not mean that it is not founded in historical events.

One video which looks at the exodus claims and checks for evidence to support those claims is:
However one must point out that this is just once sided, after personally analyzing most of these claims, some things are exaggerated to the point of ridicule in this video.(burning bush retain it's shape(please!!).)
EG: Jews were not slaves, yes they had slaves and the Egyptians had Jewish slaves, but the Jews had rich people that were not slaves, they indeed traded and became part of Egyptian culture at some point.
They also followed their traditions which Yahweh seem to hate in the bible, BTW they were not JEWS at this point, they became Jews AFTER Yahweh grouped them together with others according to the bible.
They were immigrants from Sumer and decedents of Abraham and his family.

Also there seem to be some natural explanations for most of the "miraculous" events.
except: pillar of clouds and pillar of fire during the day and the parting of waters +others.

The plagues can be explained by the complete lack of reason why such events happen in that way.
The order of the plagues are the same order of events that would happen if something like a huge eruption somewhere close by just happened.
It just happens that the Santorini volcano erupted around 1628 BC but the exodus happened around 1450 BC thus one can see that maybe the Jewish writers just inserted such a disaster in the story to make the pharaoh look bad.

OR maybe it actually happened again artificially by someone who understood how the disaster happened many years later after the fact.
Moses being a son of pharaoh had all the education need to understand what happened and why.
You poison the waters and basically you get very similar effects in a place which is so dependent on water.
Then god did not do the plagues, but Moses had knowledge of the effects and tricked the Egyptians.

OR simply there is some knowledge that we do not know that would explain all this.

Long answer.... not everything is BS, there might have been elements of truth.

There is surly not enough evidence to make the story reliable.
We do not even know for sure who killed JFK to this day and it is not 3000 Years ago.
The jews are writing biased and inspiring history for them, so are other historical accounts that we have which do not have contemporary accounts.
You might be shocked if you check how much in history we do not have contemporary accounts.

I however remain skeptical about it being all made up because there are some stories/episodes which do not make the Jews look good.
Like for example; when Yahweh steps on someone's shit and he is so pissed that he makes them write down in the bible the instructions of how to do toilet.(funny)

That would not make much sens as a Jewish invention, makes more sens that something like that really happened and the Jews were forced to record it.

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Vaguely true mostly

Vaguely true mostly archetypal myth.
Moses' birth story is completely a retelling of the birth story of Sargon the Great. The mythical birth story of Sargon The Great who lived from 2270BCE-2218BCE begins with his mother a priestess giving birth to him in secret placing him in a basket of rushes and sealing it with bitumen and then placing it in the Euphrates river where it is found by the royal gardener and raised to be the royal cupbearer before becoming king of Sumer (Campbell 57). The birth story of Moses written between 1576-1406BCE begins with his mother giving birth to him in secret and placed him in a basket of rushes and sealed it tight with pitch and placed him in the Nile river where it was found by the priestess the daughter of Pharaoh and raised as prince. The similarities go on and on. The mass exodus is more than likely speaking of the Hyksos who came in to Egypt during a famine rose to power and even had Hyksos Pharos. Then they were overthrown and ran out of Egypt. The Hebrews at the supposed timeframe worshipped the Canaanite God EL Moses after murdering an Egyptian fled to Midian and married the daughter of Jerhro who was the high priest of the Yahweh cult. Moses then convinced the Hebrews that EL and Yahweh were actually the same God just known by different names. Crossing the Red Sea is also a problem because the Red Sea is actually a Rift Valley deeper than the Grand Canyon. So crossing without water would take a long long time and I don't think even the dumbest pharaoh would not attempt to cross it in chariots. The Evyptians were meticulous record keepers and there is no mention of the Hebrews as slaves or the plagues or the Exodus. Yet there are quite a few mentions of equally embarrassing events they did record.

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