Does anyone agree?

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Does anyone agree?

Hi everyone,

I like from time to time, to make Meme about Religion, I just made this and I would like all of you to check it out and tell me if you agree with me or not, and if not, why not...


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I don't agree that people who

I don't agree that people who read the book aren't religious. Some are and some aren't. I just don't think everyone reads it in the context in which it was written.

These books are nothing more than stories written by man over 2000 years ago, some of which were handed down for generations before they were even written. Add to that being translated from one language to the next by men who had an agenda or ulterior motives, it's pretty easy to see them as just fiction or mythology.

I wouldn't infer that those who read it are mentally unstable. Especially if they were conditioned from birth that the books are an accurate account of history. Maybe they never played telephone in elementary school or are simply gullible.

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I think if people believe

I think if people believe they are religious, then more often than not, they are religious. And most are religious through indoctrination. Indoctrination > reason for most people.

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atheists have read the bible

atheists have read the bible several times just how some religious people have heard the book being read by their preachers...

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