Does anyone have proof that God doesn't exist?

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Does anyone have proof that God doesn't exist?

I'm not an atheist. I'm a theist . I don't believe in a religion but God. Cz the whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone help me with that?



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If something cannot come into

If something cannot come into existence without a cause (from nothing) then god cannot either.
In the end, something has to come from nothing. If it can't then god would not be able to create anything as well.
Now we have some clues that the universe might have come from nothing (Read Lawrence Krauss' "A Universe from Nothing").
But above all, god is unfalsifiable, just like unicorns, flying spaghetti, Russell's teapot etc.

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Does anyone have proof that

Does anyone have proof that GLORP doesn't exist?

I'm not an atheist. I'm a Glorpeist . I don't believe in a religion but Glorp. Cz God being there without any cause doesn't make sense to me. So, Glorp must have created God. Can anyone help me with that?

See the problem? We can go on like this.

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Walter the Purple Wombat who

Walter the Purple Wombat who lives in my Yard and poops square poos tells me that the Creator of Everything is Eric the Unicorn. Legendary and the Farter of Rainbows.

Walter demands you have evidence that Eric does not exist. Walter says the Farts are proof.


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There's no such thing as

There's no such thing as evidence for non existence. Just try and apply the idea to anything and you'll see the idea is preposterous.

Your claim for a first cause is subject to the same principles of validation as everything else. Not knowing how the universe came to exist can't be rationally argued to be evidence for anything. This is an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy.

"he whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense "

That's also an irrational claim, it's called an argument from incredulity fallacy.

You say you're a theist, so which God are you claiming exists, and what objective evidence can you demonstrate for the claim?

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Hello stewiegriffin, cool

Hello stewiegriffin, cool name.

The first question you asked (in the header title) was if anyone could prove that god did not exist. I am an atheist and I can't. But the problem is that no one has been able to prove any god exists. In scientific terms this issue is not testable, we can not determine if a god exists, or does not.

The problem with this issue is that we can take god and plug in any imaginary and mythical creature. Can we prove or disprove that invisible pixie farting fairies exist? How about unicorns? How about the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary?

But I digress. I am an atheist, and I am not claiming that god does not exist. It is theists who are making the claim that an invisible all-powerful being exists. And thus the burden of proof rests squarely on those making the assertion.

I could make the ridiculous claim that the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary existed, and if you do not agree with me, you must prove they never existed. That's pretty silly, how can you prove something never existed when it is not even real?

I am not convinced a god exists, or does not exist. So I am not convinced either way. Therefore I go to the default position, I need to be convinced by proof. If you do not agree with that position, then I claim that you must send me all of your life savings immediately or purple splotches will cover your body. You don't believe that nonsense, and before you send me anything more than a sneer, I must prove my assertion.


Now the second part, "he whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense"

Science can explain the universe, and none of the explanations require any god. Everything about the universe is driven by the laws of physics. Get enough gas together, give it a few billion years, and all of that dust gathers together because of gravity, and the result is a star, maybe some planets too.

I suggest you start educating yourself in physics and the origin of the universe. You can learn how this universe was formed, and how it runs.

You accessed this atheist web site by using a computer and the internet. Those required a lot of science, prayer did not allow you to communicate with us. Science gives us technology and all the wonderful stuff we use every day. Science can also explain the universe.

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stewiegriffin, you wrote, “..

stewiegriffin, you wrote, “...the whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense to me.”

So, something needs to make sense to you for it to exist? Isn’t that just a tad on the egotistic side?

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"So, something needs to make

"So, something needs to make sense to you for it to exist? Isn’t that just a tad on the egotistic side?"

It's the very definition of an argument from incredulity fallacy is what it is.

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Copying Rickdiculous to

Copying Rickdiculous to further pound the point home...

Does anyone have proof that Arakish doesn't exist?

I'm not an aArakishist. I'm an Arakishist . I don't believe in a religion but Arakish.

As Elvis once said, "Thank you very much."


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@Stewie Re: "Does anyone

@Stewie Re: "Does anyone have proof that God doesn't exist?"

Big fan of "The Family Guy", are ya?... *chuckle*.... Anyway, before I read any other responses I have a question for you....

Do you have any proof that the ginormous invisible blue universe-pooping Cosmic Bunnies do not exist? Do you have proof Odin does not exist? How about rainbow-farting unicorns? Would you please be so kind as to show me proof they do not exist? That would be swell. Thank you.

Okay, time to go read the other responses.

Edit to add: By the way, you say you are a theist, but your profile is marked as atheist. Confused much?

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"Doesn't believe in religion

"Doesn't believe in religion but God because universe existing without a cause seems like nonsense."


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stewiegriffin: Evidence

stewiegriffin: Evidence against God/

First, you used the word "Proof." The idea of God of gods existing is a hypothesis.
"A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation." "Proof" is a mathematical term: 1. the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact. 2. Something that induces certainty or establishes validity. The God hypothesis is unfalsifiable. (It can not be proved false.) All science or anyone can say about God or gods is that there is no evidence to assume they are real in any way.

This is not the same thing as saying "god does not exist." "God does not exist" is also unfalsifiable.

Look at all the stars. If I tell you that the number of stars are even. Do you believe me? How could I possibly know that? Have I counted them? It is a silly assertion and so you do not believe me. Does that mean you think the number of stars is odd? Of course not. It means, lacking any real evidence, you do not believe my assertion. This is the atheist position towards God claims. There is no reason for an Atheist to disprove god. (You are Shifting the Burden of Proof) God is not important to Atheists. If you think there is a god, you have the burden of proof. You must demonstrate this god just like I would have to demonstrate how I know the number of stars are even. ) No one has to disprove something that cannot be proved.

Here we are 5000 years in the future. We know that half the new testament is forged. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not authors and they all talk about a different Jesus. Paul did not know about the virgin birth or the life of Jesus on earth. There is nothing in this book that resembles anything a god would do. There are no facts supporting the existence of a god.

The Bear Cave Analogy:
There is a cave in the local mountains and all the people who live near the cave swear that there is a vicious bear living in the cave. We want to go into the cave but we also want to be safe. We begin watching for the bear. We look for footprints but find none. We put meat and berries in front of the cave but they rot away. We sprinkle powder on the ground and look for prints. none are found. We set up cameras and listening devices and find nothing. We build a fire in front of the cave and blow the smoke into it. Nothing happens. We search for the bear for 2000 years and find nothing at all. It is pretty safe to say, "There is no bear in the cave." Yes, it is not 100% There might be a magical world of bears living deep underground, away form our eyes. Nevertheless; for all intent and purpose, we can be correct in asserting, there is no bear in that cave. There is no God in that sky. It's the same thing.

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If someone tells me,

If someone tells me, "Unicorns exist.", it's their responsibility to prove to me that they do exist, not mine to prove they don't.
Same idea with "God".

And speaking of which, which god? Since you capitalized god, I assume you are talking about some version of the Abrahamic god, Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah? If not, then which version? And why just "God", and not gods? Or even goddesses?

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And apply Hitchens' Razor at

And apply Hitchens' Razor at the end/
"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence"

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Looks like a potential drive by so I will keep this short:

Does anyone have proof that God doesn't exist?
I'm not an atheist. I'm a theist . I don't believe in a religion but God. Cz the whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone help me with that?

No one has proof that an imaginary supernatural being exist or not, as by its very definition it is above any possible proof either way. Just like the rainbow pooping unicorn god I just made up. Point being, is anything that lacks any and all evidence should be dismissed, as if you do not, you must accept any idea anyone comes up with as possibly true, I say you owe me a million dollars, you cannot "prove" that you do not owe me 1 million dollars, so now do you just consider that okay that is possibly true? Are you ready to pay me a million dollars?


Since you do not believe in religion (good for you!) but do believe in god, the only description of your god idea we can go by is a standard shared definition of god. Searching "definition of god" on google results in:

(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
(in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
"a moon god"
synonyms: deity, goddess, divine being, celestial being, supreme being, divinity, immortal;

Both of those use the world religion, so god and religion are pretty tied. What are you left with in your definition of god w/o religion?
A creator, and ruler of the universe, etc.

Such a powerful yet mostly undefined being created everything? Okay fine, is there any reason whatsoever to say we believe in it? To define it, to talk about it? Maybe it's an idea to make ourselves feel better? Okay, that's fine, but why would you feel any sort of need to go on an atheist board and state your idea that makes you feel better?

We do not know enough about the possible origin of the universe to make any conclusions that can be helpful. Perhaps there is a cause to the universe yet undiscovered and that cause has nothing at all to do with the human generated idea of "god." And why does the universe have to have a cause? Seriously, why does it have to have a cause? So you can sleep better at night?



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How can we prove what doesn't

How can we prove what doesn't exist?

Like where do you start? Whoever makes a claim that something exists, should have an empirical exhibit to show for it. Therefore, the burden of proof is on them. Not us.

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"Cz the whole universe being

"Cz the whole universe being there without any cause doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone help me with that?"

Start using the computer in front of you to actually research information from scientists researchers and honestly curious individuals over the past hundreds of years, who spent and spend, their lives examining the incredible phenonmenon of this Universe.

You have only one life. If this question is so important to you I'd have thought it would be obvious that you should spend a little of your life seeking actual information rather than coming to a site of avowed disbelievers in gods to ask them to prove what they don't believe exists.

The internet gives you more research power than all the intellectuals of history ever had available and you don't have to be a genius to understand it, Just being able to read and consider new ideas is all you need.
If you have problems understanding anything come back here and ask relevant questions. I am certain if you do this you will eventually be able to confidently answer your own question and understand why asking others to prove something doesn't exist is not a valid question.

Its a drive by, yeah?

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Looks like another drive by

Looks like another drive by proselytising to me. I feel used...

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"Does anyone have proof that God doesn't exist?"

List one thing that your favorite deity has ever done godly since he was created by a con man. BTW, what is your favorite deity's name? There are thousands of gods and goddesses, each with its own unique character and abilities.

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