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When we are asleep, we tend to have dreams. Some dreams are meaningful while others are not. Some people use their dreams to be guided in the future. According to others, dream is one of god’s many ways to connect with us and to lead us. What do you think about it? Have you dreamed of something and eventually you realize that it’s happening.

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I think you will eventually

I think you will eventually dream of things that end up happening, but there is plenty of room for coincidence there.

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There are so many ways to

There are so many ways to interpret dreams. And some people like Freud have created guidelines for how to do this. But I also feel that this is open to a lot of debate on how accurate it could be.

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I think dreams are meaningful

I think dreams are meaningful, but they only represent things we desire or fear. None of it is to be interpreted as sings for the future in my opinion.

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To me dreams are just

To me dreams are just interpretations of all the things we see and experience in life. There is no connection with any sort of prediction or warning that has come to me in the form of a dream to this day.

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Personally, I found some of

Personally, I found some of my dreams meaningful and relevant to a future scenario. It happened not only for a few times but it made me wonder if my dreams are all coincidences. From that time I considered my dreams as signs that I can use in my future dealings.

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Hey... do you guys like

Hey... do you guys like science? It is interesting...

Current research in the last 10 years or so shows that while we are in the deepest part of the sleep cycle, an organ in the brain called the Dentate Gyrus unpacks all the information that we've stored temporarily through the day, and with the help of the hippocampus, thalamus, and your other mid brain regions (which answers the question of whether or not animals dream, before anyone asks that next) goes through and finds where the information should reside in the cortex for retrieval at a relevant time. No one has been able to identify a uniform pattern of how memories are sorted and stored from individual to individual, but basically the general method is that some pieces of information are linked to others which will most likely be relevant at the same time (I'm sure you can see how that would differ from person to person)

Dreams are basically just observing the process of unpacking the day's information, and seeing where it fits in with things you have already learned, thought about, and considered. It's an entertaining jumble that sometimes makes more sense than others :) As far as dreams foretelling the future, there is a whole slew of scientific studies that could tell you why that's not unrealistic, though probably still rare.

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I'm glad to hear that you are

I'm glad to hear that you are interested in dreams and their meanings. Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep, and they may have some benefits and functions.Some of the current theories about why we dream are:

• To process and consolidate our memories and emotions.

• To solve problems and explore possibilities.

• To reflect our unconscious thoughts and desires.

• To prepare us for potential threats and challenges.

• To communicate with a higher power or a spiritual realm.

Some people believe that dreams can reveal the future or provide guidance for their lives. They may use various methods to interpret their dreams, such as dream dictionaries, symbols, themes, or intuition. However, there is no scientific evidence that dreams can predict the future or have any supernatural significance. Sometimes, dreams may seem to come true because of coincidence, selective memory, or confirmation bias.
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