easter preparations

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easter preparations

what would you say about cnn doing a lengthy series on jesus and the commercial side of this in a lot of stores.To the palm crosses and the chocolate bunnies.all that revenue could be used for better purposes do you agree?

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@non theist: In my view, this

@non theist: In my view, this is the same problem as junk TV, Why does it exist? Because some people see it. Is the solution to fight against junk TV, or to make people aware that it isn't good for their brain... and their children?

I'm not saying that CNN looks good, I think all that is to take advantage of people's beliefs, but that's the business of religion, take advantage of the ignorance, superstition and credulity of people.

When we talk about better purposes are we talking about donating money to school programs and libraries... or to missionaries in Africa giving bibles to the hungry and to AIDS patients? It's curiosity ¬¬)-~

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