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The "problem" of nuclear

The "problem" of nuclear "waste" is political, not technological.
Some 80% of what we call nuclear waste is spent fuel. Entirely profitable and beneficial ways of dealing with it is shut down by irrational fear.
Breeder reactors use it, and the output would be greater than all the cost and expense involved in the fuel from mining it to reprocessing it, and dealing with the irradiated garbage resulting from handling and working with it.

The output of fuel after Breeders is either nearly ideal for use in the best near-term robust rapid space travel option "old Bang-Bang" Project Orion from General Atomics and NASA in the late '50s - early '60s. What Dr Freeman Dyson said is one of the greatest technological discoveries shut down because of ignorance and lack of ambition or vision. It could give us the entire Solar system out into interstellar space with '60s tech and end large-scale industry on the planet.

Or highly enriched Pu could be used in power reactors.

The question about the on-going expense of the total real cost of the nuclear fuel cycle, is with us because of lack of vision.

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Well the good news is I sold

Well the good news is I sold off 1/2 of my Tesla put options (bets against Tesla) yesterday at 600% profit.

The bad news is I didn't bet much so its not like I made enough to buy a fancy European sports car. More like enough to buy a well used motorcycle.

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The guy seems to be on

The guy seems to be on autopilot.

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He's lost the plot with this

He's lost the plot with this business of calling that diver who planned the rescue of those boys in Thailand, a "child rapist". Looks like an expensive lawsuit is on the cards. All seems very bizarre to be honest.

Vernon Unsworth, the diver Musk has accused in a series of emails and tweets, has stated he plans to sue Musk in three countries, including Thailand, where Musk could face prison time, according to one article.

I'm surprised the share price has fallen.

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For anyone interested: Tesla

For anyone interested: Tesla is scheduled to release its first quarter financials later today; might give a better window into what is happening.

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Well I cashed out the other

Well I cashed out the other half at an even better rate today. I'm still super skeptical (given Musk's robotaxis plan with I think is bullshit) and I suppose I should have held them, but I'm too emotional when it comes to taking chances with my money; it's why I don't play poker.

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The equities/stock market is

The equities/stock market is one giant gambling machine. Just; if you do a wide spread and go long, the odds are actually in your favor to make a buck, as opposed to most traditional gambling where the odds are always in favor of the "house."

Although I do worry capitalism, (esp. in the US,) is nearing its end game based on current policy from Washington DC. And economic forces out of DC's control. Things like: dwindling resources in the face of ever larger populations and as more people leave poverty and start buying more things putting further strain on the dwindling resources.

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He uses straw-men and other

He uses straw-men and other red herrings to downplay space-based solar power ; power collection and beaming satellites. They must be the way of the future. Anyone who poo-poohs them uses straw men and bad assumptions.

He pushes the hype of colonizing Mars while ignoring that there's no data saying we can live long-term and stay healthy in low-G - there are strong counter- indicators. He talks about the pure fantasy of terraforming it...
Meanwhile he seems completely ignorant of Gerard O'Neill and the work by NASA Ames on space colonies in the '70s: no new inventions needed to start and we could build virtually Earth-like habitation anywhere near n the Solar System out into the Oort halo.

He seems ignorant also of asteroid mining; anybody who talks about space but doesn't say they're going first after NEO precious metals isn't serious and shouldn't be taken seriously.

But note that he did in a few years what big government and aerospace couldn't in over 50 years (recovering boosters, a totally new line of non-government ordered
& designed launch vehicles, and a new space vehicle - let alone reusable space vehicle) and was under-selling the competition in launch services before they'd recovered a booster.)

And nothing Tesla or SpaceX does is patented, and SpaceX doesn't make rockets under cost-plus (guaranteed profit, or graft) like big aerospace anywhere else: they only get paid for delivering the customer's payload to the destination per contract.


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