Evidence Made-up but claimed to be found.

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Evidence Made-up but claimed to be found.

Just look around you. See the garbage sickness and suffering that is prevalent throughout the land? It is a sign that there is a god who could give a shit about you or anyone.
Just look at the greed by corrupt corporations that exploit the poor, ignore and endanger their customers and live lavish lives. This means there is a god.
See the needless wars? That is god at work.
Proof that there is a god and that he is at work is all around you. You can smell it from every trash can. You can see it in every terminally sick child. You can hear it in every bomb that goes off.
Yes, if you look you will find god. The soup stain on your tie that you got at lunch looks like jesus because god put it there. The skid mark in your underwear looks like jesus because god put it there. The cavity in your tooth looks like jesus because god put it there. God is everywhere if you look. And all these things are signs of what you have to look forward to in heaven. It's your reward for believing in him. The pain the misery is all yours if you just shut down your brain and believe in him.
God asks you to be stupid, yeah he demands it. Be obedient, uneducated, and ignorant. Forsake science. Forsake, tolerance. Forsake humanity. Forsake education. God has.
I sayeth unto you praise jesus for the hurricanes. He has brought them unto you to believe in him as the son of god. For god so loves the blood of man so much that he demands it endlessly.
There is a study by dipshit seminary conducted by dr. joseph schmucatelli phd in bs that found people have the need for eternal pain and that the only one that can give it to them is god. That to have such a pain, and suffering one's IQ should not exceed the number of real teeth in their head.
He found god is most prevalent in American trailer parks in the south.
So if you want to see god at work just find the nearest pile of shit and there you will find god. As the old saying goes. Pray in one hand and shit in the other and see what you are left with.

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