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I laugh because of things

I laugh because of things like this.

That's not how codon degeneracy works, and that's not what it does. So I am going to lol.

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Mr. Breezy seems to be

Mr. Breezy seems to be arguing that, due to a theoretical flaw in its ignition system, the engine cannot possibly be running. (It's a little hard to tell. Most of his comments are riddles and odd jabs at his opponents.) But, then, we look out the window and it does appear for all the world that the car is moving down the freeway at 70 mph! Now, this is the stuff of high comedy!

Mr. Breezy appears to be deeply concerned (as might be suspected from a few statements) about extending the mechanisms of microevolution to macroevolution. Unfortunately for Mr. Breezy, there is this mountain of evidence supporting what is commonly called the fact of evolution, namely common descent with modification, which is just another way of saying the fact of macroevolution. Here we have comic relief in that the mechanisms which may or may not drive micro and macroevolution are entirely irrelevant to the arguments supporting macroevolution as a fact!

Shouldn't Mr. Breezy be addressing those arguments? Let us hear his words of wisdom regarding convergent phylogenetic evolutionary trees, vestigial organs, evidence from the fossil record, evidence from DNA, evidence from the geographical distribution of life, and the other major evidence supporting macroevolution as a fact. Talking about ignition systems when the car appears to be barreling down the freeway at 70 mph is high comedy! Why does the car appear to be doing 70 mph on the freeway? That is the question!

Unfortunately, Mr. Breezy is highly secretive when it comes to this very disturbing evidence. He won't talk about his secret counter-evidence which has been overlooked by brilliant biologists and paleontologists everywhere, evidence that positively blows away 150 years of misguided research by thousands of scientists! Nor does he seem to be in a hurry to publish his evidence and collect his Nobel Prize! Indeed, Mr. Breezy refuses to say if he has such evidence! Nobody can pry a clear statement out of him! He talks in riddles. Such a strange fellow! One of a kind, I guess. We can only wonder why he has spent so much time on this evolutionary thread. Like God, he works in mysterious ways. I suspect that his secret evidence will remain one of the great mysteries of our time!

Mr. Breezy did offer to talk to me in private, but he seemed to be headed in the wrong direction in that the discussion would likely be centered on mechanisms for micro and macroevolution. Such a glorious discovery on his part, right up there with Einstein's relativity, deserves a thread all by itself! It should be shared will all to the wonderment of us lesser mortals!

For those who would like to see a decent outline of the evidence supporting macroevolution as a fact beyond a reasonable doubt, I give the following reference. It doesn't begin to cover the thousands of individual case studies, but it will supply a great outline which serves as a table of contents for further discussion.
Theobald, Douglas L. "29+ Evidences for Macroevolution: The Scientific Case for Common Descent. http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/comdesc/"

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If you prefer not to engage

If you prefer not to engage without the help and support of your buddies, then give me about a week and we can have the discussion in public.

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John 61X Breezy,

John 61X Breezy,

Are we actually on the verge of learning the great mystery? Will we now see the evidence that will overthrow 150 years of biological research? It seems too good to be true! I trust that we won't get a rehash of the mechanisms for micro and macroevolution which are irrelevant in addressing the evidence that macroevolution has happened. That is, the hypothesis that macroevolution has happened makes a number of strong predictions which I mentioned, and it is those predictions that you need to address. You might want to study the source I gave as that could save a lot of wasted effort.

I'm no so presumptuous as to tell my fellow forum members what they can or can not respond to, so fate will have to take its course. When you do come back, we should probably start a new thread. It should be interesting if you attempt to give credible alternative explanations for the relevant evidence. I can't think of any good alternatives myself, so I look forward to your presentation.

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Care to make a friendly wager

Care to make a friendly wager?

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So he has added the tactic of

So he has added the tactic of "delay and hope they forget" to his other evasive maneuvers?

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It's a tactic called rest.

It's a tactic called rest.

It's what people do after a successful event.

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Successful event? Did you

Successful event? Did you manage to finally answer a question? Just my luck and I missed it.

How's that list coming of scientific facts you deny that don't refute any part of your religious beliefs?

Is it still none, or are you able to prop up your risible claim that your religious beliefs in a creationist superstition are not your motive for denying evolution with a single example?

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"It's a tactic called rest.

It's what people do after a successful event."

You need a week's rest after typing a few words? I sincerely suggest you see a doctor and find a cause of your weakness and/or exhaustion.

You were not successful, unless by your standards evading is a success.

I worked construction for many years, and I was always the first in and last out. I led the team, I held myself accountable. That is something you will never experience, after building up the habit of evading and ducking.

I will prepare you now. In the future your job performance reviews will mention "does not have leadership qualities".

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Not very many people aspire

Not very many people aspire to work in construction to be honest, but hey somebody has to do it, so thank you for that lol.

I'm still taking my vacation.

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I agree, there are many

I agree, there are many unable or willing to work hard each day and take responsibility for their actions. It's not for everyone, and obviously you would fail in that field.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Poor me, a total waste to

Poor me, a total waste to society lol.

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I will pray for you.

I will pray for you.

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What a deeply unpleasant chap

What a deeply unpleasant chap you are. I have tried my best not to respond in kind to your unpleasant bilge because you're clearly very immature, but that was pathetic John, and I have to say most of your remarks are of the same ilk, arrogant and condescending. Grow up.

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The sole basis for denying

The sole basis for denying evolution is the denier's terror that it is true. Creationism is not a failure to understand; it is a refusal to understand. Evolution is for grownups.

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Wow! Did anyone else hear

Wow! Did anyone else hear that? It sounded like the gloves coming off. It's like I had Breezy's creationist BS ringing in my ears for weeks, and then I read that, and it just cut right through it all to the heart of the matter. Kudos to you for a very concise and accurate observation, there have been so few in this thread.

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I would highly recommend you

I would highly recommend you read before you argue a point like this. Evolution is not a debatable topic anymore. It is as much a fact as the fact that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Just from your top comment I can see that you do not understand evolution at all. Go and read The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, and The Extended Phenotype before you try and "debate" further. As of now it is equivalent to you trying to argue quantum mechanics with no experience in physics. The responses from your friends and on this website will not suffice to give you an understanding. I urge you to study.

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Don't know if this was meant

Don't know if this was meant for me, but if it was I already read the Selfish Gene and Blind Watchmaker (see attachment). If you'd like to buy the Extended Phenotype for me, you can send it as a gift to my kindle.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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“Kind” is a term the Bible

“Kind” is a term the Bible uses. Family, order, species, etc..., are terms modern scientists use. I think it’s pretty easy to fit “kind” in the modern classification of life. I would put it either in family or genus. I’m no scientist but I think even a fifth grader could figure this one out. Everyone seems to be arguing with Up Sentry about semantics rather than the topic at hand.

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Up Sentry "Hay, so I'm not

Up Sentry "Hay, so I'm not really a religious type dude but I do not believe Evolution was a thing. Simply because there is really just no observable evidence and a few other little things. Anyways I'm good friends with some Atheist that are users on this site and we've had conversations about evolution. ( to my credit, I won the debate) "

Bumble butt "Everyone seems to be arguing with Up Sentry about semantics rather than the topic at hand."



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