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An Excellent Rant

Here is an excellent rant by Viced Rhino

The Problem of Predatory Priests in Catholicism


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What puzzles me is why

What puzzles me is why everybody, especially every member of the Catholic church, isn't as angry as Mr. Rhino about pedophile priests and their criminal overlords.

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THE REAL STORY: It is not only the Catholics.
Memphis megachurch pastor resigns following sexual abuse investigation

Epidemic Denial about Sexual Abuse in the Evangelic Church

Abuse by Clergy Is Not Just a Catholic Problem


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@Cognostic: IT'S A RELIGION


Too true. Even the freakin' Salvation Army is at it.

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Good Post! I missed that

Good Post! I missed that one.

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The vicar of the church

The vicar of the church across the road from the infant school I went to regularly had young boys visit him in his vicarage. I have a memory of walking past and seeing two boys come out ... they had very "odd" looks on their faces. One day a 16 year old boy was found strangled in the churchyard. .

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Yea..... I was found

Yea..... I was found strangled in a churchyard once myself. Sucks to be strangled. You can't breath.

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It's a problem that can only

It's a problem that can only be solved with yet another tedious apologist using the No True Scotsman Fallacy.

Then a brief pause before they sneer at atheism, and it's subjective morality.

Next time a theist asks how atheists can have any morals, I want everyone to ask the same question.

"If you could, would you stop a child being raped? Or is the rapists freewill more important?

Then they can explain how morality can ever be derived from any being that has the choice, but answers no, like the deity they believe exists.

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Yes. Absolutely correct. It

Yes. Absolutely correct. It is a religion problem. I was abused heinously by the Baptist Bible Belters in North Carolina. As said many times, the problem in North Carolina is that the Baptist Religious Absolutists in NC probably hold at least 95% of all governmental and legal offices and are able to completely eradicate any accusations of abuse that may arise. I remember seeing three stories of abuse. However, those stories have been so completely eradicated you can no longer find any reference to them at all.

It is the lies and abuse religion resorts to that drives me wish to have all religion completely annihilated.

And it does nothing but make me ask: What in Hell is wrong with you Christians/Catholics and this fascination with raping and molesting and abusing children?


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