Exmuslims of AR, Would You Agree With This?

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Exmuslims of AR, Would You Agree With This?

The 5 Stages Of Apostate Grief - https://medium.com/p/5cbc80fc654

I suppose this could apply to exitors of any faith, in this case the author speaks out of his experience as a muslim.

Would you agree that losing your faith in many ways mirrors losing someone whom you cared about that was in some way abusive (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc)?

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Seems like a well written

Seems like a well written article.
Well worth the read for anyone who have been deep into the delusion of religion. As for myself, I can only identify with it partially, as I was lucky enough to never get indoctrinated to the level where my identity was hinged on religion.

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It would have been more

It would have been more useful (both for people thinking of apostating and those who might want to defend the faith) if the author had given some of the reasons for his decisions in more detail. This is more of an emotional homily, and sounds close to a new convert into a faith talking of emotional deliverance and such stuff. Some intellectual points would have laid the ground for a reasonable discussion.

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