Extra-terrestrial life

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Extra-terrestrial life

Some people believe in aliens while the bible and the churches don't entertain such topic. What are your opinions about the existence of extra-terrestrial beings and the possibility that there are worlds just like ours accompanying intellectual creatures too among the billion of stars and planets in the universe?

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There is now way we are alone

There is now way we are alone in this universe. The idea of believing this is just ridiculous since there is only so much of the universe ur technology has been able to track, and we are not aware of the kind of tehcnological advances other species could have that might enable them to hide their existence from us.

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Exactly. Statistically

Exactly. Statistically speaking, with the amount of variables present in the Universe that we are aware of (and there is so, so much that we have no way to even know about) it would be close to impossible for there not to be an alien race that closely resembles us. Never mind all the ones that we have nothing in common with.

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I also believe it quite hard

I also believe it quite hard for us to be all alone in the entire universe. It is way too vast and unexplored for anyone on earth to make any statements on us being the only thinking creatures in it.

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There are reports about

There are reports about aliens seen in different places but it seems that authorities are denying information about them or ask the witnesses to stay quite.

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eyewitness reports aren't as

eyewitness reports aren't as reliable as you would think.

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All those reports are usually

All those reports are usually pretty vague and set up. I remember that alien video that they showed in the late 90's of a creature being operated on. This kind of videos are always staged and no strong evidence has been shown. I do believe there is probably life in other locations of the universe. But i dont think they have visited us yet.

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I believe there are other

I believe there are other beings in some other parts of the universe. There may not be a concrete proof yet that aliens exist, but it has been proven that the place we are living in is just a small part of a much much bigger place, which is the universe. So I believe there are other living creatures somewhere out there.

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The chance that there are

The chance that there are aliens is great , so I rly think its very likely that aliens exist altough i dont have the evidence for it so I keep it to myself unlike christians do with their beliefs... And yes , those eyewitnesses and shows they make for money like ``Ancient Aliens`` might be true , but its not very easy for us to conclude so many thing that they claim they have concluded.

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Ancient aliens were described

Ancient aliens were described by people as their gods and goddesses according to some assumptions. Just like the Sphinx, other said Jesus is also an alien because he said he came from heaven. Sound ridiculous but it can be possible.

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There must be life in other

There must be life in other places of the universe. It's so vast and unexplored that we can't possibly believe we are alone in it.

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The sheer number of planets

The sheer number of planets in existence mean that, by law of averages, the chance of aliens existing elsewhere is really high. The reason we've never seen them (which we definitely haven't, by the way) is down to distance alone. The only way we can contact other life is via messages sent by radio waves or other types of wave. These all travel at the speed of light, but for light to reach even our closest galaxy (Andromeda) it would take 2.5 million years. So to send a message to Andromeda and get a reply, it would take 5 million years. Considering that we've only had radio technology for the last 50-100 or so years, it's pretty clear we won't be meeting aliens anytime soon.

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As you pointed out, it would

As you pointed out, it would take 5 million years for one interaction. On the flip side, if there was a being in the Andromeda galaxy right now looking at us with a telescope they would not be seeing current life forms, they would be seeing life as it appeared on earth 2.5 million years ago.

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All I can say is that with

All I can say is that with everything that we don't know about the outer galaxies, there is no way for sure we can say that there isn't someone out there. They might be just like us or totally different, but we have to at least have the thought that they are out there.

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There has to be other beings

There has to be other beings and some of them probably are looking at us wondering what the hell went wrong and how they can avoid becoming like our planet full of tyrants, warmongers and lunatics in charge.

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I find this to be an

I find this to be an interesting question as someone could easily swap God or aliens. I might do this the next time I go to church just to pass time. We have not seen them how can we know they exist? What if God was or is an alien or even more than one alien, I actually think by default if there was a god this god would be an alien by most definitions of the word. Were we made by aliens? ect. ect.

Honestly If there were a God they surely would have made other planets like ours with life and with the various forms of life on this planet alone, who knows what the life would look like on other planets??? God or not, there is statistical extreme probability that there is other life out there in this universe and with how many stars there are with accompanying planets it stands to reason there are other beings out there both less and more intelligent than the most intelligent beings on earth and there is even certainly even a likelyhood that earth has a life supporting doppelganger out there somewhere with life very similar to life hear on earth. I am sure somewhere in the universe, though I can not prove it, there are some beings looking into the sky and wondering if there are other intelligent lifeforms out there. I am also sure elsewhere there are aliens traveling through space. Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellner seems to think so and thinks they have been here for quite some time working with the governments. Normally one might say who is this wingnut but this is a Canadian Minister Of Defence check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEQdvYFMBAU

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Your first paragraph hints at

Your first paragraph hints at scientology being plausible which doesn't sound too far out of a idea. Your second statement made me think, what if other planets were made like us as experiments to see how changing one or two small things affects the outcome of the human race.

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But did you watch the video?

But did you watch the video? It reminds me of Men in Black.

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I like the response at the

I like the response at the end where he gets a standing ovation after making his speech. I mean they seemed pretty convinced he was telling the truth.

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I'd give a standing ovation.

I'd give a standing ovation. Most of those meetings look boring as hell. That was probably the most fun they'd had at work in years!

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Aliens almost certainly exist

Aliens almost certainly exist. Intelligent aliens probably do. But if any had developed the technology required to cross the vast distances of space and reach Earth, they would probably also developed sufficient common sense not to want to. This planet is covered with a plague of humans, who are slowly killing the planet itself along with everything on it, including each other. Something my father said to me when I was younger is, I think, quite apt: "Yes, Christopher, there probably are aliens. And there's probably a big sign up at the edge of the solar system that reads 'WARNING! Do not enter! Humans!"

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Lol! That's funny! But that's

Lol! That's funny! But that's good too because aliens won't bother to invade our planets because they don't want to destroy their own lives too or live in this world!

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