Extreme religious fanatism

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Extreme religious fanatism

I just saw this video online and all I can say is WOW. Talk about being borderline psycho about religion and god. Watch and be amazed. It's really disturbing.

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Is she for real? I have never

Is she for real? I have never felt so freaked out by someone. She talks like the kind of person that does crazy things in the name of the lord and also her behaviour is scary. She is either a great actress looking for attention or someone I never want to bump into.

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So she prayed for a disaster

So she prayed for a disaster that makes so many people lost their lives,so funny! how could that be? is she God?

SammyShazaam's picture
Obviously not, what kind of

Obviously not, what kind of question is that? Everyone knows God is a man :)

mattyn's picture
It really is quite worrying

It really is quite worrying to know that people like her are about in the world, distubring to say the least! She is quite popular on the internet too which is possibly even more concerning!

Trevor's picture
What a nutcase!

What a nutcase!

It's not really just how she thinks but the way she speaks and looks completely deranged about god.

Scary video.

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What she said are insults to

What she said are insults to religious people who don't want disaster just to encourage atheists to believe that the god in the bible is real. I'm thinking the possibility that she was just acting on it and the truth is that she is really an atheist herself and she made the video just to simply demonstrate how crazy some religious people are.

SammyShazaam's picture
I certainly hope you're right

I certainly hope you're right about that...

mysticrose's picture
Well, maybe. I also hope she

Well, maybe. I also hope she's not crazy or she'll be pathetic through her life.

Zaphod's picture
The scariest thing about this

The scariest thing about this video is that I have been witness to much much scarier religious fanatics. She was actually quite tame and way less offensive when compared to some of the people I have encountered. Don't get me wrong the things she said were pretty messed up but I think she was acting because the religious side show freaks I have encountered would have said pretty much the same thing but thrown a few power of Christ compels you in there, followed up by fear the lords and then an attempted a street exorcism while accosting you with a crucifix all the while being or at least thinking themselves possessed by the holy spirit and threatening me while I have in fact done and said nothing but keep my eyes on them while a navigated around because they would be yelling and any rational person knows there is a certain level of crazy you are best not to try rationalizing with. But somehow the same messed up words from them would seem much much worse and so much more filled with hatred and emotion. She is scary because she somehow thinks the quakes hitting Japan are a good thing and an answered prayer by God, and not only that but now she says after that she will now pray harder than ever wait until she gets cancer from the radiation leaks I bet she'll be praying then. Yup the religious fanatics I have meet would think the same sort of thing and in fact think the same thing about just about any major disaster love repent pray to God ect ect...

SammyShazaam's picture
Maybe I'm missing something,

Maybe I'm missing something, but her whole outlook seems to be the ultimate definition of spite, which incidentally is one of the seven deadly sins.

She would like to see a whole nation suffer and die, and the world's population including herself and other "believers" suffer from the resulting radiation just simply to teach Atheists a lesson?

God is wearing an imaginary frown for her...

Zaphod's picture
lol, I had this image of an

lol, I had this image of an imaginary God like frown pop into my head! Just did not have a face to put it on so it became one of the frown faces people are familiar with when it you see those happy and sad mask.

SammyShazaam's picture
Frown Without a Face, isn't

Frown Without a Face, isn't that a Billy Idol song? Or just a Bullsh*t Idol song? Sorry, I couldn't help myself :)

mysticrose's picture
You're right there are even

You're right there are even worse religious fanatics out there than the woman in the video. Examples are the suicide bombers who believe that what they are doing is for the glory of Allah and yet they are harming a lot of people for the sake of their belief.

Zaphod's picture
Agreed, at least she is only

Agreed, at least she is only praying and not acting in the name of god to gain acceptance by him even if she thinks coincidence is related to her praying at least she is not killing people in real life only in her head.

ginamoon's picture
It was disturbing and

It was disturbing and alarming especially if she was not just the only person like that.
Although hard to believe if it is real since some just want attention, the content of the video itself is really not likeable.

cookymonster1103's picture
Words fail me. I can't even

Words fail me. I can't even begin to describe how appalled I am after watching that video...

That girl claims her god is a god of love, yet insists that He supposedly caused this natural disaster-at her bidding, no less!-and is overjoyed that countless people were displaced, injured, and even killed as a result. And all to reinforce her own faith. Her hypocrisy and glee make me physically sick.

Believe me, I know plenty of people whose faith runs deep, but I'd bet that any one of them would be disgusted and shocked at this video-not all religious people are this twisted. Actually, quite a few of them aren't all that bad. In fact, I'd like to think that the kinds of people like the girl in the video are the minority.

And as a side note, the girl in the video is an idiot, but not just because of her fanaticism. When she states that there are "a lot of atheists in America", she doesn't seem to realize that only 5-9% of our population is atheist, as opposed to over 40% in Japan.

SammyShazaam's picture
There's actually some nice

There's actually some nice tables on this site that lay out the statistics of the situation worldwide, if you're curious :)

Trevor's picture
What scares me the most about

What scares me the most about her is that deranged look in her eyes. She just looks like someone who would stab you repeatedly with a kitchen knife.

efpierce's picture
You had to go there it, huh

You had to go there it, huh Trevor? You are right though and now I am double checking my door locks and sleeping with a flashlight!

Zaphod's picture
That really got me laughing,

That really got me laughing, picture of Bruce Banner and all.

efpierce's picture
It's a Marvel super heroes

It's a Marvel super heroes flashlight too!

firebolt's picture
What a nutcase! The sad thing

What a nutcase! The sad thing is, she could be anybody, your neighbor, your children's teacher even a politician.

SammyShazaam's picture
That's so true. To think I

That's so true. To think I probably passed someone equally as obsessed and crazy in the street today and didn't even know it...

ginamoon's picture
I remember the video I have

I remember the video I have watched before regarding a person being burned alive because they think his family is a witch. I would not mention the religion there but I do not think anyone has a right to burn someone because he does not share the same beliefs.

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