Finally a christian organisation that acts christian.

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Finally a christian organisation that acts christian.

I just want to bring this organisation, Faithful America, to the attention of the group they are fighting the homophobic actions of a christian preacher for cancelling a funeral at the wake because he learned the deceased was gay.
Im atheist but ill support an organisation that actually believes in those all important rules do onto others and love thy neighbour.

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Well they did the deceased a

Well they did the deceased a favor by cancelling a funeral in my opinion.
I wouldn't want a christian funeral at my dead body anyway.

Christians represent those corrupt church representatives that killed and raped children throughout the ages.
It is like inviting murderer worshipers to your funeral.

It is so disgusting that makes me want to live forever lol

I will just be buried in piece thanks.

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I can see why we haven't

I can see why we haven't agreed on much yet Jeff, if you think all Christians are murderers and rapists. We're not all like that. I haven't killed anyone this week, for example.
One of the problems we have to deal with is that there are a huge amount of things that use the label "Christian" and it doesn't mean they are following Jesus. The USA for example.
"Christian" is meant to describe someone who is living like Jesus - it means "little Christ." Anyone who is doing violence (crusades, kkk), or molesting kids, ormanipulating people to get their money (tv evangelists) etc is NOT a Christian, even if they say they are. Jesus said you can tell what kind of tree it really is by its fruit.

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I said christian

I said christian representatives, meaning those that represent murderers/etc...
Christians defend the bad people, it is one of the reason, that the church never payed for its atrocities throughout the ages.
I would be ashamed if i knew that I represent and defend the church after knowing what it did to keep its power and control over the people.

Also I do not apply my bias about Christians to my arguments, if you are a christian and make a decent argument I would give you the same reply I would give an atheist, you can ask whoever you want here, I give no quarters for whoever I disagree with be it a christian or an atheist.

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A christian organization that

A christian organization that acts christian? Why not a christian organization that acts like decent human beings?

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My point was most christian

My point was most christian organisations are hypocritical organisations.
The christan basic love thy neighbour judge not and the ten commandments are good its all the rest that makes them act like bigoted cunts.

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It's good to know that there

It's good to know that there are organization that acts such way. I hope they can do it for long. Most Christian organizations have traditional ceremonies and that they are trying their best to value human's freedom and choices; at least for some organizations.

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