The flood

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The flood

How can someone seriously thing god is loving or merciful.
Look at the flood try to imagine it im going to paint a picture.
The water starts rising as the rains keep falling at first everyone scrambles for higher ground the innocent animals die first.
Eventually the water gets so high that people fight to stat on ground. Some fight for their families some fight for them selves many die.
The water still rises the fightings over theres no land left the survivors of the fights struggle to stay afloat many holding babies or young children.
There getting tired they are desperately calling to god eventually they drown their last thoughts knowing their children will die soon. This happens not once but thousands of times.
Drowning is an extremely horrible way to die you say your gods omnipotent surely he could have found a less torturous way to kill the innocents.
Let me point out the bible does not really say why he did it just says he did not like what he saw. Wait a mo didn't he give us free will.
See thats just one story that shows god as a murderous spiteful jealous deity there are many more. If you believe in the bible that is your god.

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There is a reason for all the

There is a reason for all the terrible things god did and said the religion is a protection racket god scares the crap out of you and the priests say to keep god happy you follow these rules which just happen to include giving the church money.
If you take away a religions income the religion will die out and fast.
Wake up people there are pastors living in million dollar homes ffs

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If you dont believe religions

If you dont believe religions a racket its estimated the tax free status is equal to $71000000000 per year and thats just the usa! And not a typo!

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IS that from donations income

IS that from donations income alone? Does this figure include taxes from religious activities they stand to profit from such as investments in properties Hospitals and such? Does this figure include a monies the government actually gives these entities or the operations ran by these entities like their soup kitchens and shelters ect..

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I cant say i tried to check

I cant say i tried to check the source article but only paid members could read it. So i only know what the report in the link said although it looks like these figures were not included:
States bypass an estimated $26.2 billion per year by not requiring religious institutions to pay property taxes.

Capital gains tax exemptions for religious institutions may be as much as $41 million a year.

U.S. clergy may claim as much as $1.2 billion in tax exemptions annually via the parsonage allowance.

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Dont forget that all that tax

Dont forget that all that tax exemption is essentially every american giving them money every year.
Their argument is religion does charity work afraid that dont fly because only a tiny fraction of their income goes to charity. The state could use the owed tax and give triple what the religions give to charity and have more than half of the tax left easily.
Remember businesses typically manage to pay only around 30% tax so the religion's yearly profits are staggering.
There are preachers living in multi million dollar homes paid for in part by all americans.
Its unlikely to change though the entire republican party is just a front for religion to control politics while saying they are not.

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There is no doubt the

There is no doubt the biblitist (as I now coin them) are in control of part of the Repubican party and grow more control each year, Its actually the Republican parties fault because they underestimated the influence of the party the pandered to when they took that route to get votes but that another subject.

Some shelters I have been to worked at have gotten grants, vouchers, monies or even food rations from the US government to provide toward charitable services, this is part the reason why they look for your information ie name SS# ect. when you check into a place,

There is much to gain from the government giving out assistance to such services especially in cases of natural or national disasters and helping people in need however the infrastructure to do this is not put in place by the government. Many churches have built such infrastructure hence why often the government will actually give them help in many forms to lessen the burden on such places. Its actually good for society.

Unfortunately, I have been to many of these places that try to push their messages on the people using these services in example making people pray at a soup kitchen before they eat or in more in at least one more extreme case I seen at one place in Oregon asking everyone thank God audibly for at least one thing they were grateful for. These types of things greatly annoy me, if you want to say who you are that is fine, if you want to help people eat, be clothed or be sheltered that's fine too, but as long as your getting aid from our government you should not force people to to pray, listen to your propaganda, bible verses, parables ect.. or thank god for anything. In fact if your really want to be good you should do so from a desire to to do so not to push you message. I know some theist will say spreading the Gospel is good and it does help these people, some will say they are "helping" these people to find god but honestly in reality it can hurt them and worsen their struggles and you just don't understand.

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Well said, what did you think

Well said, what did you think of my op. I find christians seem not to realise how terrible some of the things god supposedly did were.
Im not about proving he dosent exist or christianity is made up i dont have the skills to do that but i can prove he does not deserve to be worshiped.

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Its time they were treated as

Its time they were treated as the business they pretend not to be. The tax free status was part of an agreement that the religion would do charity and not interfer in politics. As far as im concerned they failed to do both. Its not charity if you make them do things for it and use it to spread propaganda. We all know the republicans belong to religion.
Ive found presbyterians only donate 0.7% to charity!!!!

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So we can relate religion to

So we can relate religion to OCD and it's many rituals.
People do things because they are afraid something bad is going to happen. When something does happen, they feel that they didn't try hard enough and they check the locks even more or they tap all of the doorknobs in the house incessantly every single night until it drives them mad and they lash out at anyone who tries to stop them from their daily rituals.
With this example and lmale's aforementioned entry, can we say that religion is a sickness?

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Yup. Id classify it as a

Yup. Id classify it as a mental illness caused by repetitive exposure to fairy tales while told they are real.
Check the news section tests show religious children have difficulty telling fact from fantasy.

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The flood. To make a long

The flood. To make a long story short without precise mathmatical details, consider the following. The Ocean at the lowest is approx 7 miles deep and covers 3/5 of the world therefor averaging about 4.25 miles deep world wide. The land is between sea level, and 7 miles above, and cover 2/5 of the world. That is therefore averaging 2,8 mile on the land mass(tho I believe it is much less) and world wide 1.6 the difference necessary to cover the world (al but the highest peak, as defined in the bible), it would take an,ADDITIONAL 5.3 Miles of water world wide to make up the difference,MORE THAN ALL< THE EXISTING WATER ON EARTH two questions, where did that extra water come from, and where did it go. Evaporation???? My believe, based on scientific principles and examination,is that the flood was localized perhaps an extension or expansion of the Black sea due to natural upheavals, depressions and distortions of the earth and it's surface. 

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THE EXISTING WATER ON EARTH two questions, where did that extra water come from, and where did it go. Evaporation???? My believe, based on scientific principles and examination,is that the flood was localized perhaps an extension or expansion of the Black sea due to natural upheavals, depressions and distortions of the earth and it's surface. 

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Well once you are in the

Well once you are in the opinion it was a localized event, we really don't need to look much harder at it. Localized floods are common place (I'm sure many of the users here have witnessed a local flood) and don't require supernatural explanations.

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I wouldn't jump on that

I wouldn't jump on that conclusion just yet.
One has to remember that the flood story is a copy of a copy of a copy.
The actual flood might go back to right after the ice age(10 000 BC) where the water level did rise world wide.(not that high though)
One must also consider that maybe the tectonic plate "fell" or moved to become under water level on some parts.
There are parts of the sea that are so deep that you could actually fit a continent there.
"In 1960 the Bathyscaphe Trieste descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench near Guam, at 35,798 feet or 6.77 miles (10,911 meters), the deepest spot in any ocean. If Mount Everest (8,848 metres) were submerged there, its peak would be more than a mile beneath the surface."

BUT yea the bible got it's version of that story so unrealistic that only a stupid person can even consider such nonsense.

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