Michael Nugent: Atheism does not require certainty

Atheism Does Not Require Certainty

Atheism does not require certainty. Strictly speaking, we cannot be certain about anything. But we can be as certain that the Christian god does not exist as Christians are that Thor or Zeus do not exist. Give us reliable evidence and we will change our minds.

— Michael Nugent

Quote Source: Michael Nugent

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I like Micheal Nugents point,

I like Micheal Nugents point,

Here I am going to make my best argument for the existence of a God though not the Christian God Thor, or Zeus but just god or gods in general because it's always good to keep an open mind, you never know, maybe this will change you mind Mr. Nugent or perhaps just give you a good laugh.

Without further ado:

From one Atheist to another: Gods do exist much like ideas exist. Whether people believe there is a Santa or notit can be said Santa exist. So long as people believe he does like Santa exist so does the Devil, Easter, Bunny and Tooth Fairy as well as Unicorns leprechauns Odin ect.. So long as anyone believes in such things they exist not as an entity onto themselves but as ideas. Outlandish and improvable ideas, but still as ideas none the less. All these gods that live on in the hearts of theist exist they exist as much as the Flying Spaghetti Monster exist and the monster under the bed, in the closet, in your head. Personally I think a world without these things during our childhood would result in a world with less imagination and imagination is one thing we all have going for us, with which less of it we would have a boring world and less reason to search for evidence or to prove things to be real or not.

Sure, one may argue God's are imaginary but this does not make them unreal for Gods live and they may live forever 10,ooo years, nay ten times times 10,ooo years from now they will continue to make glad the hearts of theist. and to theist, Yes theist, there are gods! or i'm sorry, there is the one true god and it is yours whatever your god may be.

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