A "Fuck You" where a fuck you is needed.

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A "Fuck You" where a fuck you is needed.

For the most part, compromise is the name of the game. In all things, we must compromise to achieve things. We can't expect to get everything that we want, the way we want it when we want it. Usually, we must compromise for those achievements.
Take politics. LBJ was probably the best deal maker in American history. He always had an end game but he made sacrifices, compromises to get to that end game. As a result, we have Community College, Public Television, and other great achievements.
But somethings cannot and should not be compromised. I stand firm on many convictions and will not compromise. One is that I will not accept word salad, revisionist history, pseudo-science, or any other bullshit as proof of a god. I cannot cede one iota of a principle to accept something that just isn't true. t
That doesn't mean I won't or don't accept real facts. So when theists claim that atheism is a belief, I reply FUCK YOU because a "fuck you" is needed. Their claim is more than just redefining atheism. It is an effort to compromise facts to fit their narrative. It's an insult.
I don't compromise on censorship. people have a right to complain, disapprove, and dislike the words you chose, but they have no authority or right to tell you that you can't use them. Again a "fuck you" is needed.
"Fuck you" actually means, "HEY you have crossed the line and I will not stand for it." But it is short and not so sweet!
Could you imagine if every great scientific effort was compromised? There would be no great scientific achievements!
The slang in law is "The slippery slope." Once you have agreed to an introduced compromise, you have paved the way to the degree of that compromise until you have compromised your whole side.
Atheists cannot compromise. It is an impossibility. Either there is proof of a deity or there isn't.

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"Atheists cannot compromise.

"Atheists cannot compromise. It is an impossibility. Either there is proof of a deity or there isn't."

Exactly. I would add the word "incontrovertible" after 'there is"

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Self delusion is a necessary

Self delusion is a necessary component of any belief that has no evidence to support it, and denies or ignores known facts.

They have vested their entire lives some of them in a fiction, redefining a word is small coal compared to that.

Since word definitions just reflect common usage this may even be a concerted attempt to distort the meaning of atheism over time, as words do change their meanings sometimes.

Only a mindset that can pretend their superstitious creation myth has valid scientific objections to the fact of species evolution, can really believe changing the definition of atheism achieves anything.

Look for Lane Craig's debate with the Hitch where he tried this and even tried to pretend he was shocked that anyone though atgeism was "just ah-theism" as this would just mean the absence of theism.

The Hitch true to form shrugged, looked puzzled and said "Well, that IS what it means".

Atheists come in a limitless variety, and all have one thing in common, atheism. Atheism means the lack or absence of belief in a deity.

If it's common usage changes then it may not apply to me, I won't give a fuck as I know what I do and do not believe. In the meantime if apologists like Lane Craig want to make themselves appear idiotic and duplicitous then I'll gleefully point it out.

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