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If you choose to repeatedly post a topic again and again, then I will remove the extras. If you post homophobic things here then I will work tirelessly to get you removed, as per the guidelines and what is expected of me by the adults here.

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Oh snap! I missed the drama :

Oh snap! I missed the drama :/

But thanks so much Ellie for cleaning up the forums :) It was getting a little messy in here.

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Wait! What did I miss? That's

Wait! What did I miss? That's the last time I go on vacation without my laptop!

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So that's where you've been.

So that's where you've been. how was your vacation?

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It was good thanks! I got

It was good thanks! I got some rest in and still accomplished a lot of work even though it was supposed to be a non-working vacation.

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I have learned the hard way

I have learned the hard way the only way to go on vacation is without my laptop.

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I tried that once and ended

I tried that once and ended up buying a laptop while on vacation from a guy selling them out of his car in a foreign country. I still have that one and sill use it to this day!

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LOL, glad the laptop worked

LOL, glad the laptop worked out well for you. I know its hard but sometimes it's just best to take some time away from it all and realize that for better or for worse you will catch up with stuff when you return or not.

Once I went on a 9 month long trip to see the country and my last remaining grandmother on my fathers side and grandfather on on my moms side died while I was gone. Not only that but a huge building project was started on my street and when I got back it was quite a shock almost everything I knew about where I grew up was gone. There were people I would never see again and places I could never go again. I realized I could never go back to the way things were before I went on my trip. But all said, I am still glad I went and life went on afterwards. It always does.

Your never truly on vacation if you take your work with you.

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That has happened to me

That has happened to me before. It was like a movie where the guy was in a coma and came back home to a place that wasn't recognizable. It taught me to take the time and enjoy the people and places around us before they are all gone.

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I'd probably be in the same

I'd probably be in the same situation. I keep meaning to unplug, but then within a day I'm running around desperate for some way to get online again!

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