The Gaza Conflict

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The Gaza Conflict

Considering in Gaza, the sickening constant deaths of men, women, children, and babies, due to a serious degree to religious differences, does this point the non-existence of god? Or the misinterpretation of god's texts. Or a deistic god. Or is it all part of a grand design planned by god?

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I am sure we will hear a wide

I am sure we will hear a wide range of explanations from every religious group around, but none that will be satisfactory enough for any of us who have the ability to think for ourselves.

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No the suffering in the world

No the suffering in the world could not be permitted by a loving god.
Epicurus bitchslapped all religion near on 2000 years later theists still havent solved it so just insult your intelligence if you bring it up.

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If there were a god, then

If there were a god, then this would prove that he is most likely not a benevolent one. Using religious texts as a guide, I don't see how anyone thought he was anyway.

Furthermore, if there were a god, I would think that he would come in and support his chosen people, whoever they are, by now. I get that he's supposedly been around forever and 3000 years isn't really as big of a deal to him as it would be to us, but come on now. If nothing else, I think it would be safe to hold off on the fighting until he gets back here. He's apparently not in a hurry.

It's not really my interest to waste my time trying to prove the non-existence of something in this amazing world of infinite(ly small) possibilities. However, it sure does point to the *irrelevance* of these gods that people are fighting about.

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