Genesis 2.25: God can create universe and stars but not pants!!!!

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Genesis 2.25: God can create universe and stars but not pants!!!!

After reading Genesis Chapter 2 my conclusion are:
1.This chapter leads to a logical conclusion that mankind knew about micro-organisms even before birth of Christ!!!!!

But as a fact we know humanity was unaware of existence micro-organisms (bacteria, virus etc.) till 17th century.
2.writer did not know anything about much bigger rivers like Amazon, Ganga and Brahmputra. Due to his limited knowledge he (writer) wrote the name of locally known rivers.
3.Verse no. 21, 22 and 23 was foundation stones of suppression of women over which entire structure of suppression of women was later built by church.
4.Verse no. 17 is the example of LIE which was spoken by God. As we know in upcoming chapter after eating “the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or the tree of life”, Adam remains alive.
5.Verse no. 25 suggests God can create universe and stars but not pants!!!!
6.It does not explain the existence of newly found underwater cities in India such as Dawarka which are atleast as old as 7000-9000 BCE.
7. It does not explain why stars are fromed or destroyed even today in universe?
8. Why stars have a age difference of millions of years?
I used these conclusion for my post (

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Genesis was a piece of text

Genesis was a piece of text written much after the event by later gewish scribes.

They are basically remnants of legends passed orally over generations.

It was scientifically tested that a story transmitted from one person to the next in a clasroom gets changed neraly everytime it was said. Arriving at the conclusion that after a class of 30 people says it to each other and arrives back at you in 30 minutes, the story is nearly unrecognizable from the original.

Basing on those results, it is incredibly astonishing how the genesis story maintains it's core concepts from the original story told by the Sumerians 1000's of years prior.

Abraham was a Sumerian and when he went to Egypt he took with him that cultural background, including the legends.(which were history for him)

I can elaborate further on this if you are interested.

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Why not Jeff Vella Leone? I

Why not Jeff Vella Leone? I will be happy to learn new things but do use reference while stating your point. In my blog-post I have stated same position as you. My position on Bible is that It is a book written in ancient time. It is good literature but it is flawed scientifically.
I have written that post for those people who think Bible is a work of God and is meant to taken as it is. We can use it as a story book only. Not as a scientific or factual explanation of existence of world.

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