George Pell's Hell

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George Pell's Hell

Just stumbled across this article online and thought it would be a pleasant read in some ways...

Apparently the filthy scum bag, George Pell is experiencing hell-ish condition in prison...

Well forgive me but, boo-fucking-hoo...

I'm staggered he only got 6 years for penetrating a child! It is abhorrent and should come with a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole.

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Let me explain one aspect of

Let me explain one aspect of prison mentality. The tougher and more brutal you are the better your life is in prison. It may seem weird, but you can be a murderer and con man who has ruined the lives of others, and no one is "offended". But for the prison mentality, rapists and child molesters are considered the absolute lowest form of life to the prisoners. They always need isolation and special protection.

Inside the prison, there will always be those who are serving very long sentences. And to kill someone else carries little extra penalty. And if you kill someone like Pell, you are doubly feared, and have a level of adoration and respect far above the regular prisoner. For those already serving life sentences, killing Pell is actually a bonus, your miserable life suddenly becomes that of a hero inside the institution. Even the prison guards will give you an extra break. Let's face it, they have to follow the rules, but their sympathies do not align with Pell.

The prison guards are required to respond to problems. But they are not required to carry on a conservation with prisoners. So Pell will spend 23 hours a day in isolation, and even if a guard is on the other side of the door, no one will talk to him. The only human feedback he will receive is death threats from other convicts, describing in ugly and brutal detail what they will do to him if they ever have the opportunity.

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@David Killens: Fully agree

@David Killens: Fully agree with your assessments. I have worked in prisons. Pell is in shit up to his neck unless he is gives special treatment. I don't imagine he will be preaching much as no one who has ever read a newspaper would believe anything the man has to say.

With that said, it is a horrible thing to do to another human being. I understand that it may be his just deserves, still it is mental torture and physical torture. Like a kitten hit by a car, one can not help but feel pity mixes with the belief he is actually getting what he deserves.

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Just to chime in here. The

Just to chime in here. The proper noun for a child fiddler is “goof”.

Out here in society, goof is a mild insult. However, if you ever end up incarcerated, be sure not to use the term “goof” without prior knowledge.

As a pastor friend of mine once recollected, it caused him a life time of trouble.

Some inmates were “goofing” off in the back whilst my chaplain friend was delivering a sermon.

He asked them to stop “goofing off” and the inmates were at the brink of slitting his throat.


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Pell deserves a life sentence

Pell deserves a life sentence for raping children. He doesn't deserve any special treatment.

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Can you watch another human

Can you watch another human being suffer horribly without some pity or are you like the Christians in heaven who will laugh at the torment of their own family members burning to death over and over again in hell?

I fully agree that he gets what he deserves. There is a natural consequence for his actions and he is now suffering for the things he has done.

My reaction is interesting to me as I am the one that started the thread about the idiot who killed himself by visiting an island with natives that had a history of being hostile. I laughed my ass off at that one. Possibly because the guy was already dead. It was over. Pell will be suffering and in agnony for years to come. Just sad to think about a human being going through that kind of treatment.

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@Cog Re: Pity for Pell

@Cog Re: Pity for Pell

I guess I'm just a demented cold-hearted bastard, because if that piece of garbage were to suffer in prison for the next forty years I would likely just smile at the thought. No remorse or pity for him whatsoever. Matter of fact, it annoys me that the fucker will likely get out in less than six years. In my opinion, if he is guilty of doing such horrible things to innocent/defenseless children, it is better to just send a bullet through the back of his head, throw him in a hole, and kick some dirt over him. But that's just me... *shrugging shoulders*...

Here's the thing... I have plenty of pity and compassion for my fellow humans who actually deserve it. Those who prey on innocent children do not fall into that category, for I do not view them as being human. I look at them as being nothing more than sick and perverted sociopaths that are a danger to society. Therefore, no sympathy or compassion. My sympathies are reserved for the innocent victims these demented predators/parasites have scarred for life. But I have ZERO feelings toward the child molester/rapist who caused the damage. Not even anger or rage. Just a completely cold nothing. The closest thing to "emotion" that might creep in would be a feeling of disgust toward the individual. About the same as I would feel about a cockroach, maybe. Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, that fucker's "six years" of "suffering" is nothing compared to the nightmares and mental anquish his victim's will have to endure for the remainder of their lives. Just my two cents worth.

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Hey , my little robot man! I agree with you on about 92,31415789532 % here... just that i just consider them to still be humans but i have nothing but disgust for them.

And oh, sociopathy is a illness but... it doesn"t absolve them.

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@Tin: I think I moved a few

@Tin: I think I moved a few notches up on the inhumanity to others scale. You made the assertion "He really does not deserve any pity." I have to agree. I think it is the time I spent teaching in prisons along with the previous description of prison life, which I know to be true, that really pulls my strings. I have seen young men kill themselves over this sort of treatment. Perhaps that would be best for Pell. Life in prison is going to be a very real HELL. I would wish it on no man. I'm betting he does not make it to the end of his 6 year sentence. There will be a huge feather in the cap of any con that can get to him.

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It is Cognostic, in a way it

It is Cognostic, in a way it is inhumane torture. He will be locked up 23 hours of the day, completely isolated from any human contact.

But he is a victim of the situation he placed himself. He deserves prison. Because he is high profile and also someone most of the prison population desperately want to kill, he must be placed in protective isolation. And because the guards are under no obligation to talk to him, he is now very alone, having only his letters to offer human comfort.

Do I believe it is inhumane? yes.

Do I give a rat's ass? No

Sympathy ... zero

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@David: I have no

@David: I have no arguments against your assertions. I would not wish this fate on my worst enemy. Everything you have asserted is true to the best of my knowledge. It's a horrible way for anyone to live. Is it even life? I can not argue that he does not deserve it. I can only assert that it is "horrible."

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Yeah I can see your rationale

Yeah I can see your rationale there David, very fair point.

But I'm also similar to the mighty Tin Man, in that if he was left to rot there for the rest of his life, I wouldn't lose a moments sleep.

I can agree that perhaps its inhumane in a way, but the brutality of his crime warrants such a punishment.

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@Randomhero1982: should come

@Randomhero1982: should come with a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole.

Judging from Pell's appearance at his recent trials, I think he did get a life sentence. He's in terrible physical shape, and years in solitary will finish him off mentally.

But the victims of these priestly perverts always get life sentences, and in many cases death sentences, so it's hard to feel sorry for this great mound of corruption and arrogance. Let him rot in the nonce pit.

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Pell's punishment is not just

Pell's punishment is not just for the kids he violated but also for the hundreds maybe thousands of victims who suffered at the hands of his fellow priests who he himself protected from the law of Oz. He is complicit in untold crimes against children.
His defenders point to his eastablishment of a reparation scheme which was no more than a paltry exercise in hypocrisy and at miserable best a cheap payout for non disclosure.
These are Oz prisons and I am not certain he is suffering as much as we would hope.

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Fu king goofs. Killem all.

Fu king goofs. Killem all.

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@rat spit: Killing would be

@rat spit: Killing would be much more humane and I would have no objection at all to that. I would even pull the switch and sleep soundly that night. Sounds a bit hypocritical perhaps but I have a sense of what life will be like for this guy in the future. Death would be the easy way out.

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Maybe a well placed knife to

Maybe a well placed knife to the jugular. Let him bleed out for a while, as you spit on his corpse.

Justice requires the severest of penalties. It makes us feel good and brings closure.

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@Rat Spit

@Rat Spit

RATTY!!!... *clapping joyfully*... Hey there! Where the hell ya been? Missed seeing that cheesy little mug of yours around here.

Re: "Maybe a well placed knife to the jugular. Let him bleed out for a while, as you spit on his corpse."

Now there's a nice option. Why waste electricity or a bullet?... *thumbs up*...

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I agree with Cog.

I agree with Cog.
No-one would have the slightest hesitation in killing a predator animal who threatens your children. Well here in Oz we have just released a convicted pedaphile murderer after 20 (?) years in prison. Abuducted raped murdered and disposed of a young girl 12 yo. Served his time the Law says. Wasnt killed by vengeful fellow prisoners. He is a big beefy guy who strolled out of his prison and is presumably under watch. Now we wait to see if he was really rehabilitated. If not there will be more people wishing he were dead.

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"Pell was told he wasn’t

"Pell was told he wasn’t going to be mixing with any other prisoners at all, as it was too high risk. He would only mix with staff, but mostly he’d be in his cell."

"In other neighbouring cells terror suspects languished on their beds watching television"

Doesn't sound like Hell to me, and he'll be freed one day, his victims never will.

Still he might contemplate the odds he will visit the real thing one day, though I doubt this cunt has that much decency in him.

Oil him up and throw into the yard....I can find no compassion or empathy for anyone who not only rapes children, but forced victims to go through the torture of a trial, by trying to deny it to the bitter end.

Fuck Pell, quite literally and with some force if I had any say in it.

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Either George Pell is really

Either George Pell is really bad at not getting caught, or he molested many different children, and only got busted for a few where there was enough evidence against him.

Punishment after the fact is not very likely to reform him (or anyone really.) Punishment might help the victims and their friends/family, but especially 6 years, or even a lifetime in prison, is nowhere near close to punishment fit for the crime. These are childrens entire lives he ruined. His life was not ruined until he was much much older.

We are left with just simply getting this sexual predator off the streets. Putting him in prison, where hopefully he can get a taste of his own medicine, is a step in the right direction, and perhaps other priest thinking they can get away with it might think twice now, maybe. My hope is, people realize better with all this, that priest are not somehow divine and can and will be horrible awful people, and just because they are a priest that does not mean they can be trusted alone with children. There is no "god" that makes sure his "speakers" are actually good and decent people that are kept in line by this "god." At the very least people should consider their god idea to be evil.

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Kudos, good post....

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