The ghost of Roy Cohn returns to haunt us.

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The ghost of Roy Cohn returns to haunt us.

Roy Cohn was, by most accounts, a particularly nasty person. A homophobic gay lawyer, he was Senator McCarthy’s right hand man during the early 50s communist witch hunts. He was instrumental in sending the Rosenbergs to the electric chair, and getting Richard Nixon elected president. He had a scorched earth policy to all who opposed him, and hypocrite to the end, died of AIDS, all the while insisting he had liver disease.

Why do I bring this up now? Because for the last 15 or so years of his life he trained and mentored none other than Donald J. Trump.

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A little-known fact about

A little-known fact about Cohn is his association with Walter Winchell. Cohn used the propagandist to disseminate lies and spread rumors about his political enemies.
Cohn was gays but practice prejudice against homosexuality.
Cohn was jewish yet was a practicing NAZI.
Basically, Cohn believed in elitism. That is to say that if you had great wealth you could do anything that you wanted to include sodomizing young boys and murdering poor people for sport.

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