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I don't believe in God and I don't believe in ghosts. However, I do know several atheists who do believe in ghosts. I must ask, is the existence of ghosts any more logical than the existence of a god? What does everyone else think? Personally, I don't buy it.

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I don't believe in ghosts

I don't believe in ghosts either, so I have no great interest in defending the belief in them, but I will say one thing:

Gods have never been shown to exist, while the people that ghosts supposedly come from have. Does that make ghosts more logical? I am not sure I would go THAT far, but at least the concept of a ghost originated from beings that actually exist, no?

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I have never seen a ghost so

I have never seen a ghost so I do not believe in ghosts, however there are logical explanations if they are real.

On the other hand there is no logical explanations for a christian/muslim god.

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I think there are stuffs or

I think there are stuffs or beings that our naked eyes can't see but they don't actually ghosts. I'm not sure but it seems that animals are more clairvoyant than we can be.

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In my culture;

In my culture;
Before sleep walking has been clasified as sleep disorder, people used to assume that person being guided by a ghost.
Before asthma has been declared as biological condition, people used to believe there are a ghost living in people that have asthma.
Before stars discovered as astronomical object, they said it were dead people looking from above the sky.
'A' ghost is actually 'several' entities that cant be explained from people from previous time. They just called it ghost to make their life easier.

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Hello, about existence of

Hello, about existence of Ghosts -- they're non-existant. But I do know, why people think they are not. I was always atheist, but as a young child, I seen that A. C. Clark TV series with "crystal skull", if you know what I mean ;) And there was an episode about ghosts on photos and the one with black cloak near some altar in church (somewhere in ENgland I think) ;) It took several years (almost to my 20) to be able to sleep normaly.

I knew, there were no ghosts, but I had totaly irrational fear about them. And so do I have now ;) I am huge fan of horror movies, but anything with ghosts (even that DW episode about house with time-stuck woman, seen as ghost) can make me a little crazy ;)

I know it is irrational, but the body is doing to me on itself :-D

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One more thing -- I think

One more thing -- I think these shows are fun now, but I think some things are not meant to be seen by children ;) Like when I was 6 and watched Alien with my father :-D :-D I was scared as f**ck, but I loved that movie and wanted to see it again and again :-D

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Yes alien is awesome, have

Yes alien is awesome, have all the series.

About ghost movies:
yea try Room 1408, which is a nice horror movie

But the real scary one was Insidious:

I still haven't seen anything more scary then that yet, can scare you shit less if you watch it alone in the dark.
I did watch it alone in the dark and it did have some effect on me.
I am really hard to scare but that movie hit the right buttons.

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If you believe in ghosts, you

If you believe in ghosts, you believe in the supernatural, and if you believe in the supernatural you can believe in gods, angels, fairies, leprechaun's, or whatever else takes your irrational fantasy.

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I'm intrigued with the

I'm intrigued with the gadgets that ghost hunters are using. I wonder how they can conclude a presence of ghost be means of frequency detection when we know that frequency is everywhere.

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They want to hear voices so

They want to hear voices so what do they do? You take a piece of sound equipment that is made to record human voices; that is one that is designed to pick up sounds in the human speech range and suppress sounds outside the range. Then you records some random noise, and when you play it back, you get something that sounds like human speech! Must be a ghost! :P

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