'God is dead'

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'God is dead'

Nietzsche came to the conclusion that 'God is dead'. Is God dead or did 'God' never exist in the first place?

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God lives, but only in the

God lives, but only in the minds of his believers.

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I think everyone should read

I think everyone should read Thus Spoke Zarathurstra or The Gay Science by Nietzsche if you have not already they are not large books and you should be able to knock them out quickly. I mention this because these are the works by Nietzsche that reference God being dead.

Personally I don't know there to be a God so to speak and if there was one I don't think anyone claiming there is one has it right. It could be alive or it could be dead if it exist or ever existed. If God is the creator of all the universe and was mortal, I don't see why he could not be dead. If God were instead all of that exist then I guess it could be said God were alive. I don't believe in God as religions put forth so In my humble opinion what any religion describes as God does not exist and is made up.

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God is dead and alive

God is dead and alive depending on whos mind you look for him at. There is no true way of knowing if there is a god and if that god ever cared about us or not. To some people there is a force that made all of this possible, but that force is not running our destinity at all. To other everything happens for a reason and their lives are completely molded by destiny.

We are all going to find out when we die, but everything we do before death is just speculation. Some people might find comfort in thinking that god and his angels are always protecting them, while some of us do not beliebe in such things.

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What makes you certain we

What makes you certain we will all find out when we die? I for one think it would be ironic if when we died we still had the same questions and no answers.

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I think that would be a

I think that would be a theist's Hell, and an atheist's indifference.

But that's interesting, I always had the assumption that I would find out when I get there... and the lingering fear that maybe there are no answers there either.

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I never thought about it like

I never thought about it like that.

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If god is dead, where is his

If god is dead, where is his corpse or where is his burial place. Lol!
"God has no beginning nor end"
So he is not dead nor alive
He is simply eternal...

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Mysticrose I find your quote

Mysticrose I find your quote interesting... "God has no beginning nor end" -----> so god must be ``simply`` ethernal
What about this one : ''Rome aeterna est'' ----------> does that mean that Roman empire will also be ethernal? Because im pretty sure it had both beggining and end , so i would conclude that mere QUOTE doesnt make something true.
God is not dead , god is not alive , something that doesnt exist can not be dead nor alive because we dont have a reference point to pinpoint his state.

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When someone dies it means

When someone dies it means that he was born. If we have a beginning, then we have end too, as well as the whole universe. If everything have beginnings, then everything will end but who began everything? That's who we can call god. A god that no religions can demonstrate and no scripture can explain.

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As Mysticrose mentioned above

As Mysticrose mentioned above, God is eternal, he has no beginning and will never have an end. Indeed if god had a beginning then it begs the question, what was before god and indeed who created god?

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It means that if god was

It means that if god was created the he's still not god. God was not created and will not perish

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I think monotheists are

I think monotheists are holding god to too high a standard. It's really not a necessary part of religion.

Look at the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and the Druids. Gods are created and killed easily, but at the same time are also immortal. If you recognize that the end is the beginning is the end and all that (the JudeoChristian Yaweh also states that he is Alpha and Omega), then life and death are arbitrary conditions that mean absolutely nothing to a God - any of them.

Of course I think the whole thing is rubbish, but while we're having a hypothetical conversation there's no need to lock ourselves into any paradigms about the finality of life and death.

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