God is love?

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God is love?

God is love according to the Bible. The bible also gives a specific description of love. the description of love doesn't seem to support the statement that god is love.


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Well, ex, IMO, god is not

Well, ex, IMO, god is not love. God is nothing.

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I would agree. This is an

I would agree. This is an analysis of the biblical claims about love and God. I don't believe God exists either.

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Is it not amazing how

Is it not amazing how inconsistency after inconsistency in the bible can be pointed out and believers just can’t connect the dots?

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The funny pictures you see of

The funny pictures you see of believers with fingers in their ears and their eyes closed are true.

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Boggles the mind !

Boggles the mind !
Doesn't it ?

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yep it does.

yep it does.

How can one think that a being that can do all those evil things be considered a good being just proves the damage that brainwashing does.

There is only one being that is claimed to commit the following evil actions:

-Gives no privacy to anyone.
-Punishes you for what you think.
-Orders you to follow a set of rules which are impossible to follow.
-Makes you feel guilty for breaking those rules of his, regardless how impossible they are.
-Denies you the right to doubt by calling it a 'sin', and then punishes you for it.
-Creates an eternity of torture for everyone that disagrees with him.
-Created you sick and demands you to be well.
-Created death itself, thus making a deadline for you to accept him and thus you might not have enough time to even know about him.
-Forces you to accept the concept of scapegoating as a GOOD and possible thing.
-Forces you think that HE(god) comes before anything else, including; life, family, morality, reason, facts etc...

That is the christian god for you, even Yahweh was a better person when ordering the killing of babies.

For people capable to see reason, he is the worst form of Slave Master.

It is the epiphany of slavery, you seriously cannot get much worse then that.

That is why I am amazed to see the power of mind control and what it can achieve.

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I'm still struggling with the

I'm still struggling with the concept of being "created in his image", I mean, what would an ethereal god do with hands?

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Ha-ha, i know a video about

Ha-ha, i know a video about that ex-Christian:


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Hahaha I should have known

Hahaha I should have known you would. You have a video for everything!

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i love that video too

i love that video too

the stoning to death is just too awesome at the end lol

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Well, that's really the case,

Well, that's really the case, therefore love has nothing to do with the god as described in a bible. No relationship at all. We should really understand what love is all about to identify what love or what is not.

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