God moves from The Good Book to Facebook.

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God moves from The Good Book to Facebook.

“Pastor David E. Taylor claims that he raised a woman from the dead through a message sent to her on Facebook.”

“A message that was sent by the woman’s daughter, according to Taylor, also indicated that not only was she raised from the dead but she was also healed of diabetes. “Thank you sooo much Dad (Apostle Taylor), the doctors were sooo amazed for my Mom’s speedy recovery, she was dead for 40 minutes but God resurrected her!!! After clinical studies / they tried not to give her diabetic pill and guess what — she got healed from her diabetes as well.”


He’s currently being investigated for ripping off his congregation. He lives in a $2.8 million mansion and has more luxury cars than you can shake a stick at. The money rolled in after he told them he had been visited by Jesus and he would *literally* introduce them to him.

Seriously, how do these people find their way to the bathroom in the morning?

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How many Jim Bakkers/Ted

How many Jim Bakkers/Ted Haggards, etc., will it take before people wake up to these charlatans?

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Being English I'd never heard

Being English I'd never heard of these men so had to look them up. Entertaining reading.

I found out that the televangelist Jim Bakker served five years of a 45-year sentence for stealing millions from his ministry. He's now selling, at wildly inflated prices, Bakker's Dozen Extreme Canteen Kit that includes packs of glow sticks and whistles for $500. He also hawks, among other things, Time of Trouble Beans, and my favourite - End of the World Biscuits. Once a conman, always a conman.

Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard had sex with men and used methamphetamine, all whilst condemning homosexual sex? Typical hypocrisy. The thing that made me laugh the most was his therapist reportedly saying he's "a heterosexual with complications."

Televangelism isn’t a big thing here in Britain. When Revelation TV, Britain’s first televangelist station, was facing investigation into misuse of funds they moved to Spain and broadcast to the UK from there.

The channel’s office manager Susie Gray said it had moved to Spain due to the overwhelming volume of complaints it was receiving in the UK. “It wasn’t really the fact that the complaints were being upheld, it was just the amount of paperwork that it generated to have so many complaints." I almost fell off my chair laughing. Among the upheld complaints were the use of offensive language to describe homosexuals and the use of graphic images of aborted foetuses in an item aired before a children’s programme.

I don’t understand why Televangelism is such a major phenomenon in the US.

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