Is God really a He?

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This really has a simple

This really has a simple answer the reason gods a he and treats women like shit is the men believed that so when they wrote the bible they wrote it to their beliefs.

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Any woman will tell you that

Any woman will tell you that god is of course a he. That's why there's so many problems here.

Just kidding. I'm no believer, but god probably has no gender. "He" created the angels as well, and they are clearly documented as being without gender genitals. Since god has no need to reproduce, why would he?

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The writers of religious

The writers of religious texts were obviously men. Of course they would invent a god who was male. It makes me wonder why so many women join male dominated religions. The clever ones invent female gods and call them goddesses. I don't see why any gods couldn't be the the form of an elephant, sheep, pig, or anything else. I am not interested in looking at their private parts even if they existed.

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This "in the form of" thing..

This "in the form of" thing... the JudeoChristian god is pretty clear on the fact that idols or representations of him are not allowed, so no taking the form of anything. I'm pretty sure there was a significant episode involving a golden calf that made that clear to everyone.

Besides, animals have genders too, so that does nothing to clear that up.

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Lol in christianity for a

Lol in christianity for a very long time women were treated as bad if not worse than muslims so i find it funny when women defend christianity ive pointed it out and they all accused me of being a chauvinist lol.
Na if gods real shes a woman she game men a brain and a penis but only enough blood to run one at a time rofl the jokes a Robin William's joke so i cant take credit :(

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We refer to God as He

We refer to God as He probably because in our world males are the leaders, like it or not. As to the Supreme Consciousness itself, it contains and surpasses distinctions of gender.

Perhaps there are some people who truly envision God as an old guy with a beard. I never have, but some may. At any rate, that is alimitation of the person in question if they can only envision God as a man (or woman)...that is not God's limitation.


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