God and the September 11th Attack

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God and the September 11th Attack

God and the September 11th Attack

Though caution is an excellent and vital tool, an “us and them”, black and white mindset, is supposed to be negated by our Human “higher brain”.
Negated by our ability to think and act with anything close to a Humanlike moral and or ethical code.
This is not the case, because it’s ingrained Worldwide, and it will continue to make us nothing but intellectually broke and broken. A shadow of the possibilities.
Terrorism Worldwide, governmental, group or individual, and the 2001, 9-11 attack, in particular, was an absolute societal failure. Societies condone such actions by example and teaching.
Psychosis, an always dangerous psychological deviation, is a concrete belief with NO basis in reality.
I am saying the origin of this type of disregard for Human life and hate is secondary to evolved, intelligent and capable Humans in possession of a higher brain, who unfortunately are psychotically deluded by religious indoctrination, dogma and their totally invented fantasy, god/gods. Furthermore, because of this, nothing currently viewed as an option to end such ugliness has any, nor will it ever have any chance of working.
THAT psychosis is the historic and current bedfellow of the murderer of uncountable Humans Worldwide and has destroyed Humanities psychological health as a whole.
The basis of all hate is an inability to see the other as equal. Because global religious practices place the moniker of evil on every them, absolute, amoral evil can be used in the name of a “moral and loving” deity. Unspeakable acts without a hint of higher thought considered to help quell the psychotically deluded logic.
Psychosis throwing morality, even the most basic positive Human qualities, in the fire of delusional blindness.
All of the current 2,500 religious practices exist absent any bit of reality. Faithfulness, a measure of a religious person, means only that you appear to really believe. That you are a, close to the top, psychotic.
Each individual in each religious family/community around the World are taught each fantasy without evidence-based in reality or fact, each crumb, as 100% truth.
From birth taught absolute capitulation.
Then, in big brother fashion, the fallacy is backed up by those equally deluded in the communities in which we/they live. Watching, judging and ensuring compliance until death. Or excised ruthlessly, including, if seen fit, ending the offenders' lives.
Taught above all else that our god/gods are the only true god/gods. To add emphasis, all others, all following others, are not just wrong, but evil, Against big daddy!
But it’s because taught forcibly before consciousness can form this simply blurs everything from there.
No evidence, no fact nothing other than, “ifin you don’t walk my delusional way, I’ma gonna be killin’ you and yours!” Psychotically deluded, that pill becomes all they see.
Do me a favor, and I know this is a Western scene, but a huge percentage can understand the ecstatic, out of control excitement of x-mas morning and the magic, the fantasy surrounding Santa as you rushed at the base of that decomposing tree. That’s the same thing that’s happening around the books, pews, temples, synagogues, holy places, holy relics, and other magical, magic-filled chunks of the Earth.
Jebus (add individual unsubstantiated deity and back story here), is a 2000-year-old Santa which is illegal to grow up from.
And the bible’s Harry Potter of the 300s (add one and only book of belief here) is what all the kids are forced to be excited for since. Praised excitement for.
Any hint of deviation, and there’s plenty of god cops to kick any and all back into place.
With time and due to the paranoia which comes with protracted psychosis, all of them, every “other” Human, close and globally, are evil, less than nothing and so completely worthy of disregard and or death.
The evil, all amoral and ungodly simply due to being force-fed someone else’s familial/societal psychosis based delusions.
This is how Humans, believing totally unfounded “truths”, can ecstatically go to war, blow themselves up or fly planes into the buildings of people who simply were born in a location/family that doesn’t have their accepted fantasy.
The terrorists in the case of the September 11th attacks, of course, had been pushed forward by generations of the United States’ fantasy showing the same level of disregard, secondary to their personal psychosis in an unending cycle. Their logic, idiotic black and white beliefs, that were taught to them about all other deities and so strangers. Not all other Humans, the chimps on an adjacent tree eyeing our trees fruit while we ogle theirs. Equally hating, equally suspicious, equally ready to kill and clam happy to do so.
Because doing ‘in the name of’ gives psychotic, deluded, scared, confused, lost and or little nothings (because no self-worth’s always part of the package as a kicker), into worthy of any fantasy being sold. Sainthood, martyrdom, nirvana, 72 virgins, a seat at the right hand of, or innumerable Worlds and blisses dreamed of and of course, the blessing of “god”. Something with no basis, in reality, turned the weapon against all other Humans, all worse than wrong, evil.
This logic-free, fact-free, blinded logic is what has always and will always doom Humans and Humanity. Clinical psychotic delusion in need of help and the benefit of those not inhumanly twisted to see all as nothing.
God is not love, not peace, and destined only to always keep the higher brains we were born with to soar high, stuck in the archaic mud of delusional psychosis. Hiding in lies and the black and white bloodlust. Hate, not love, because that’s all that’s taught.
A personal example of “gods” love is when one of “his” mud-bound, sky-pilot, minions didn’t push that love, instead “he” blessing my rifle’s ability to kill any and all whose deluded love is for some other mythical fantasy or none at all. And blessing me with the knowledge of eternal bliss at “his” side for the act.
This isn’t against those who’ve ever lost their lives to “god’s love”, only an admonishment of the fact that a psychologically, clinically and pathologically psychotic delusion was what forced you away from the loveliness and possibilities of existence.

Good luck out there

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Would you like some chocolate milk?

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Was this supposed to mean

Was this supposed to mean something?

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@PJ Re: "Would you like some

@PJ Re: "Would you like some chocolate milk?"

... *wiping chocolate mustache from upper lip*... *whispering*... Psssst... hey... pj... uh, we are out of chocolate milk.... i drank it all... sorry... um, maybe you could offer him a cookie?

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Sorry but that post failed to

Sorry but that post failed to make a cogent point for way too long and I gave up.

What's a "higher brain" anyway? I'd also say the evidence suggests we are not at all inherently rational, but rather our evolved instincts instil us with a propensity for irrational beliefs, and superstitions.

If humans had evolved a natural propensity to think rationally, its reasonable to infer methods like science and logic would be superfluous, and religiosity wouldn't so easily take hold in so many of us.

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Here is a precis of the OP:

Here is a precis of the OP: Utter Bollocks.

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Fuck!!! Now there is a wall

Fuck!!! Now there is a wall of text worthy of a Boeing 767.

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Everyone knows God is

Everyone knows God is punishing America for its' embracement of homosexuality.
Hagee: 9/11 Was God's Judgment



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Unless of course it is

Unless of course it is punishment for abortion!!

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Atheists, homosexuals and abortion caused 9/11?

Wow, so where does more vocal atheist like us fit into that? Is god so afraid and weak that he can't punish us atheist, and instead takes it out on planes/buildings full of people, that happened to be in the US instead of the middle east? Wooooah, that some power we atheist have at controlling the fate of so many people...And apparently controlling the actions of god. We atheist did not even set out to do any of that it just god reacting (in weird and horrible ways) to us? Sheesh.

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WHAT? Another drive by

WHAT? Another drive by perhaps? .

Is that some kind of personal world view ? If so , it's pretty incomprehensible.

Lots of claims no sight of evidence.

Another perspective:

.The people who organise terrorist attacks are coldly rational and in touch with reality. (the opposite of psychotic) The 9/11 attack was a stunning success for the terrorists.

Terrorism ALWAYS works and has been used for centuries. It is purely pragmatic and it always has a political agenda .

Human beings are what we are. IE we evolved in a way which has helped us survive. There is no moral "should" .Morality is constructed by each social group. That's why it can differ so much.

To this day, in any conflict between reason and emotion, it is emotion which almost always wins. This neither a defeat nor a victory. ,It s simply what is. Talk of higher brain function is irrelevant. We cannot control what we feel.

There is also a school of philosophy which asserts neither can we control our behaviour .This school is called 'Hard determinism'.It argues free will does not exist. I find it an attractive proposition.

As a species, wear are simply primates .IE a type of ape. We are amoral, being able to justify literally any behaviour. Theists and other naive idealists have never quite grasped a simple reality; religion and morality exist to help us survive. NOT for us to make sure THEY survive.

Why yes,I'm a misanthrope.Why do you ask?

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I feel he should be holding a

I feel he should be holding a sign on a street corner... yelling at pigeons and trying to sell pencils from a paper cup....

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S4Squelch do you know the

S4Squelch do you know the motivation for the 911 terrorists? Can you understand that it took quite a bit of rational intelligence to pull it off?

If you liken the 911 attack to a military operation, it was a great success, like Operation Thunderbolt (the raid on Entebbe), or Pearl Harbor.

Additionally S4Squelch, when one begins to capitalize words in the middle of a sentence, such as "Human" and "Worldwide", that is a signal that the author is a bit off the rocker.

I am sure most of us have no idea what the message is. So could you please condense it into a much shorter and a much more cogent paragraph?

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Brevity, soul, wit!

Brevity, soul, wit!

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@Cyber Re: TLDR

@Cyber Re: TLDR

Actually, in this case, perhaps we need a new designation. TFUTR (Too Fucked Up To Read) should cover it fairly nicely.

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Well, Tin, how the heck am I

Well, Tin, how the heck am I supposed to know it’s too fucked up if I don’t read it because it’s too long?

Bah ha ha ha ha. Fuckin’ logic!

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@Cyber Re: "Well, Tin, how

@Cyber Re: "Well, Tin, how the heck am I supposed to know it’s too fucked up if I don’t read it because it’s too long?"

But.... *puzzled look*... You see... *scratching head*... You know, it's like you, uh, read maybe a couple of lines and... *staring fixedly at ground in concentration*... *tugging lightly at right earlobe*... I don't know, maybe you just get a "vibe" about the rest of it or something?... Or maybe... *staring up at ceiling trying to focus*... Aw, hell... Shit. Okay, you got me on that one. I've got nuthin'... *shrugging shoulders*...

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Go pour yourself a wee dram,

Go pour yourself a wee dram, Tin, it’ll get better.

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Hey all,

Hey all,
I’m working on a thought and this was the outcome I came to.
I’m a wordy person and if it’s too long move on. Sorry.
If you have the headspace, please let’s continue.
I thought this would be a place for this, but when the first and most are nothing but ugly stupidity, I stepped away.
I’m trying to figure the why for the inhumanity that surrounds me.

Good luck out there

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@S4Squelch: RE: "I’m

@S4Squelch: RE: "I’m working on a thought and this was the outcome I came to."

What outcome? There is no outcome in that wall of inane verbiage.

RE: "If you have the headspace, please let’s continue."
Continue what? There is no point to your inane ramblings.

RE: "I thought this would be a place for this,"
A place for what? Inane ramblings of poorly formulated ideas will always be challenged around here. You might want to tighten things up a bit.

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