The "god' wars!

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The "god' wars!

We mere mortals have been witness for millennia of gods at war with each other. The curious thing is that these wars are never ever fought by the gods themselves. Rather, the wars have always been fought by humans. Humans make the weapons, do the killing, the dying. Gods never seem to be involved. In fact, the declaration of all these wars has never even been uttered by a god directly. No, they leave it up to the lowly human being with all his faults to direct to the rest of humanity to go out and kill or be killed in the name of their god (insert god of your choice). From the time that Greeks fought each other because "Athena was more powerful than Apollo" to the christian crusades that decided that it had been bad enough that the jews were in the holy land but would not tolerate those muslims. To the incredible genocide of the savages (Native Americans), gods have watched humans do their bidding. Funny how, say, the christian god never declares that the Buddha be reduced to ashes. No god actually ever gets injured in all of these wars, just humans and usually completely innocent humans at that.
You never hear "Did you see the shiner on jesus? He really took a beating last night." But you always hear/read/or see "over 1000 injured in septarian clashes today". All throughout history humans have been paying the ultimate price for these cowardly gods. Even newborns if you believe the bible.
Of course, the christian god, which actually is the same exact person as the islamic god and the jewish god, has taken things to extremes. He apparently is not satisfied with the wars in his name, he wants even more inhumane atrocities carried out by humans in his name. Like stoning people for just being born, or any number of ridiculous illogical reasons. And he is not willing to show himself and actually make the call himself. No, he leaves it up to..., oh, I don't know, the people of the Westboro Baptist Church to tell us we need to start stoning gays because that is god's will.
"god's will" just another way god shirks his responsibility. He thinks that if he doesn't actually say, or write it down, and make it complicated and foggy to comprehend precisely, that he won't be held accountable.
he does things like having a bible that is "inspired" instead of writing it himself in a way that is clear and not left to interpretation.
I mean if you are choosing a god to follow and you choose the Abrahamic god, you get this god that speaks through bushes, inspires the absolute dumbest fucking people on earth, and never claims responsibility for anything. Oh, except he made everything. But it's not his fault that people get cancer. That is supposed to be humans fault because they haven't stoned all those gays.
So as the god wars go on, isn't it time to stop volunteering? I mean there is no god draft, well, yes some places have a god draft, but most of the world. Let these gods fight their own fucking battles. I'm sure when it is all over and done with humanity will get to live in some sort of heaven for eternity or get 10,000 virgins, or maybe even burn in some sort of hell.
Nah, if we called these god's bluffs and didn't do anything for them, nothing will happen. These gods are all loudmouths(indirectly). They won't even fight each other.
So the next time someone comes up to me and says "praise be to god, take thine sword and smite the devil. March unto the holyland and return us to salvation. And repent brother for the fear of god's wrath shall fall upon you", I'll just reply "I'll sit this one out, god can fight his own goddamned battles."

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All gods on this planet have

All gods on this planet have always been men. And since people will obey almost everyone who had higher status than themselves they will obey the top guy, whether he's a gang leader, work boss, or national leader. Right now our "god' is the crazy racist Trump. Whether we want to admit it or not that lunatic controls our lives and he actually decides if we will live or die. He can wake up with a bug up his butt and order a nuclear strike against North Korea, China, or Iran. He thinks that Russia is his buddy so he probably won't attack Putin. And if he does order such an attack the guys who can actually make it happen will do so without a second thought and it could result in the total destruction of the world.

At the present time our life expectancy is about 10 minutes or so. Our gods are nuts and might go on a killing spree at any minute.

There are no celestial deities of any kind in this solar system. All of our "gods" have always been, and are, just humans.

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