Liberty awaits within the open airs of our better nature.

Liberty Awaits - Lee Myers

Let our words not drop into the depths of darkness, but endure the allure of antipathy... While the weight of our pride pulls us under, we must not succumb to the enticement of anger. Let us embrace one another and ascend as one unto the surface of freedom. For liberty awaits within the open airs of our better nature.

- Lee Myers

Quote Source: Sticks and Stones

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I had to click on the source

I had to click on the source to see what this was all about, it was a good read but i got to say if I were to pick an image the picture of the kid drowning used on th e source page would have been a better one than what was used here.

I really liked the read by Lee Myers and it was definitely worth checking out. Also the image of a kid drowning at bible camp was a perfect analogy however ironic Lee's life event may have been and would have been perfect and I mean perfect for this gallery post.

The read had lots of things mentioned in it that should not be ignored and it definitely weighs you down when you think of such suppressing things it mentions a bill that was passed and that was at least under consideration in at least during the time of his writing in the Russian state of Duma which would make it illegal to offend religion with severe penalty.

So lets! Lets escape this ocean of religious killing of our freedom to to reject and oppose it together!

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