god's free will

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god's free will

@Searching for Truth: Let me clarify it first. In the free will thread, you misunderstood me. I wasn't replying to the OP, I was replying to your comment #20.

But let's discuss it here.
You say god is "omniscient" and has "free will". Logically this is not possible because they contradict.
If god knows what decisions he is going to make in future, then he cannot change those decisions otherwise. If he changes, he cannot be all knowing.

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Hi Hitch,

Hi Hitch,

Thanks for starting this thread. I always welcome a respectful and honest chat with any atheist or theist. However, from my experience trying to do so with anyone in “public” like this thread, has never been a productive talk. If you’d like I’d definitely welcome a 1 on 1 private message from you and we can discuss whatever you’d like there. Once we are done I would not mind even if you shared our chat with everyone. I have nothing to hide but in a private chat we are both able to focus more and get our points accross.

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