Governments should 'keep out of the bedroom' Archbishop says

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Governments should 'keep out of the bedroom' Archbishop says

The headline looks like a plea for tolerance and openmindedness, but actually the Archbigot of Sydney is railing against same-sex marriage while in the same breath bleating about anti-Christian intolerance.

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We don't ask auto repair

We don't ask auto repair advice from short order cooks, or legal advice from janitors. Why do people ask for marriage advice from the ranks of the celibate?

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@Chimp3: "Why do people ask

@Chimp3: "Why do people ask for marriage advice from the ranks of the celibate?"

Are really any celibates in the Catholic church?

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I think the unofficial

I think the unofficial interpretation of 'celibate' in the catholic church is 'not married'

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Hard to know where to begin

Hard to know where to begin here. Suffice to say the church should stay out of government. Or start paying tax first. This nutter is worse than Pell.

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Do they ask for advice from celibates? Or do celibates give advice, uncalled for, ad hoc, ad nauseam?

Anyway, some members of both church and government might be quite interesting in the bedroom. And, coming from me, that isn't merely opinion, although I realise that isn't exactly your point either.

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They ask for advice every

They ask for advice every time they voluntarily go to church.

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Okay, I'll stop being

Okay, I'll stop being frivolous - for a while, anyway. Marriage is an agreement between two people who love each other to remain together for the rest of their lives. The sexuality of the partners doesn't alter that.

There's an article Algebe's link leads to where a woman attempts, very lamely, to insist that marriage is about having children and that gay marriage fails on that account. If that's true, what does she propose to do about those opposite sex couples who marry and then either can't or won't have children? Force them to divorce and try again?

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Why only two people? If three

Why only two people? If three people can love each other and work it out, why not more than two?

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More fear and hate coming

More fear and hate coming from a religious leader.

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I think I've grown tired of

I think I've grown tired of reading anything from an apologist regardless of their stripe. The clergy are certainly not to be taken seriously and their lay adherents are messing up my groove even more so because they should know better by now, operative word being "know". Debating so much stupidity clearly shows the more sentient that it has become a franchise unto itself and is canvassing for market share from a higher order of sensibility. This, in another guise is known as groveling and truth be told one can only tolerate so much vermin nipping at his heels begging for alms. It isn't a sense of superiority. It's just simple sense.

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