The Greatest kind of love

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The Greatest kind of love

What is the greatest kind of love? Love to yourself, love to your spouse, to your children, parents, to the earth/nature or your love to your God?

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I would say loving yourself..

I would say loving yourself... however when practiced to it's fullest extent, also extends to the love of your spouse, your family, and the world as a whole.

To love yourself, you must be a person capable of love, and a person worthy of love. I treat the people in my life fair and honestly, and love myself for it. I do my best to make my world a better place for me and my fellow humans, and love myself for it :) If I didn't love myself fully, I don't think that I'd be as motivated to do good things for myself and others, nor would I be motivated to fully understand what actions I could take to make me more worthy of that love.

Interesting topic though, i'll have to think on that more fully :)

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I would say loving yourself,

I would say loving yourself, your fellows humans, animals and nature is the greatest love of all...

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I'm sure loving self is only

I'm sure loving self is only second for most theists like me. Loving self is great but for theists, such love only truly evolved after acknowledging the role of creator. Our self love turned into selfless way of loving everything around us.

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Mysticrose, you seem like a

Mysticrose, you seem like a good theist and I wish more theist were like you, unfortunately many are not.

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I think atheist here are good

I think atheists here are good people too but it seems that there are lots of bad atheists out there too because of the fact that they fear nothing at all and they don't believe about afterlife as much as theists does.

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I personally believe that

I personally believe that loving others, not simply yourself, is the most important thing to adhere to in life. As Mysticrose above has said, this form of love only came about following the acknowledgement of god.

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I don't know this to be true,

I don't know this to be true, If I am to understand your statement correctly are you saying that the form of love involving others not simply yourself came about following the acknowledgement of god, cause put this way I have to disagree with you. I am absolutely sure my dog for example loves me and to the best of my knowledge has shown no signs of acknowledgement of a god. Perhaps I am wrong though perhaps she has fully acknowledged a god. for all I know she could be God just saying. I think people loved others without acknowledgment of a god in the past and still do today. I think it has been this way since before Man created the idea of God. And yes I think Man created the idea of God.

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I think love in general is

I think love in general is great and doesn't matter what it is towards. Everything has its importance some way or another and impacts our lives in many ways we cannot even perceive. Everything we do, whether it deals with family, ourself, the earth and more, should involve love.

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Agreed! Your whole statement

Agreed! Your whole statement was dead on.

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I do not think you can

I do not think you can separate these so easily and then claim one form is greater than another. I think the greatest form of love is a healthy mix of self, others and our nature... Not to sound all mushy or anything.

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Love is great whatever form

Love is great whatever form it is and I think to be able to love is the most important characteristic of being a human.

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Whitney Houston says that the

Whitney Houston says that the greatest love of all is loving your children.

I'm inclined to agree. She seems like she really means it.

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