Greeks finally improving gay rights

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Greeks finally improving gay rights

Looks like the Greeks are finally getting there:


"It has required decades of campaigning and more than a few tears, but the Greek parliament will take the first steps towards legalising same-sex unions in a country that has long rebuffed the move.

The step made on Monday has spurred fierce debate, with the Greek Orthodox bishop Ambrosios of Kalavryta calling on the church faithful to denounce those he described as “freaks of nature”.

“Whenever and wherever you meet them, spit on them,” he announced in an acerbic blog post. “Condemn them. Blacken them. They are not human! They are freaks of nature!”

The parliamentary committee begins discussing the bill two years after Greece was fined by the European court of human rights for failing to extend protective rights, including domestic partnerships, to gays and lesbians."

Nice comments from the bishop.....Christian love....

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