Grieving for your faith

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Grieving for your faith

There are times I remember being very stalwart in my Catholic faith, I knew things absolutely, I knew what was right and what was wrong, and I knew my sister was in heaven, I knew I'd see my loved ones again. I don't have that certainty anymore, everyday I realize the world is more and more complicated and I just miss the time when things were simple I may have been wrong but it felt so right. Does anyone else experience this?

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Yo Biggus here. it would

Yo Biggus here. it would appear to me you are suffering from nostalgia. But think about it for a second (why would anyone want Christianity to be true?) perhaps most of your loved ones are in hell or purgatory. and tell me would you want to spend an eternity worshiping a dictator that tortures people forever simply because they were born in the wrong place in the wrong time? I highly recommend you watch darkmater2525's power corrupts series for exposing the monster for what he really is


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Yes, there was a time of

Yes, there was a time of innocence wrapped in ignorance I think we can all recall with the nostalgia Biggus mentions. But, looking forward from there, it's easy to see why such halcyon days of yore are always calling mankind back to his incarnations and contrivances. Some people live in that dream and refuse to be awakened. We call them theists.

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